CV Database

There are 38.682 CVs (June 2019).
There are up to 100 new CVs per day.
A CV available into the CV database means an active candidate.
To attract passive candidates, you have to post a job posting.
Profiles without any activities are automatically archived.
The interface and all the functionalities of the CV database are available in English, French and Dutch.
The CV database uses the semantic search technology.
In summary, a qualitative CV database developed by Engineers with Engineers for Recruiters searching for active candidates with a technical or IT profile.

1. Make unlimited searches using one or several filters (industry, job title, years of experience, etc)

2. Make unlimited searches by region or city

3. Make unlimited searches in the toolbar using keywords in French, English or Dutch

4. Make unlimited searches using the Boolean search operators: AND, OR, Parentheses

5. View full candidate profile information including all CV's details (except name, e-mail and phone)

6. Qualify the right candidate and use a credit to contact him or her directly by e-mail and/or phone