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Recovery Advisor

Your role &

amp; working environmentYou will manage a portfolio of recovery cases involving possible credit loss risks for the bank, with a liability of more than 600,000 euros Retail Professional and/or more than 250,000 euros (Midcorp and Institutional), with the aim of recovering as much of the credit debts as possible and thus avoiding or limiting tangible and intangible damage to the bank and its stakeholders.You will form part of the Wholesale Credit Risk team, specifically the Credit Restructuring and Recovery Tailor Made team. Your primary responsibilities You will analyse and assess complex credit recovery cases with cancelled or claimable commitments and advise on them.

  • The analysis of credit cases from both a risk and a legal perspective (interpretation of contractual provisions), drafting a settlement plan at the start of the case, submitting it to the Recovery Expert and implementing it.
  • Checking the completeness of the file and giving orders to the Operation Specialists in the Middle Office, as well as preparing and sending specific correspondence in the credit cases in his/her portfolio.
  • Taking decisions - where necessary in consultation with the line management - within his/her decision-making remit and taking the necessary initiatives. You will negotiate with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Negotiating with all stakeholders involved (including business managers, trustees, etc.), thereby defending the bank's strategy and interests, after consulting a Recovery Expert on the strategy to be followed, and conducting oral and written communication with the various contacts (lawyers, trustees, other banks, etc.) with a view to efficiently recovering and/or improving the bank's risk position.
  • The triggering of the decisions necessary for case management and the 'on the spot' taking of decisions based on the situation or the problem that arises within the context of guidelines and remits that have been discussed in advance.
  • You will be a local anchor point and contact for other banks (consortia) and parties involved (lawyers, court officials, trustees, etc.) and if necessary/useful ask and/or inform the sales department and the Relationship Managers involved. You will monitor ongoing recovery cases and handle Risk Management.
  • Managing and supervising the recovery cases until the claims have been maximally recovered and/or some other form of settlement has been achieved.
  • Responsible for - and participating in - the quarterly review of assigned credit cases (possibly also I-Care), drafting an update of the Zone Net Risk and participating in the quarterly CRU meetings at which the cases are submitted.
  • The regular performance of risk and compliance analyses on the cases in the portfolio. What we are searching for A colleague with the talent to take something on and make it happen , who is excited to help others be successful and has the gift of always being one step ahead. In other words: you aim to contribute fresh, new ideas and accept challenges in a quickly changing and complex environment. You are a person who is always collaborating with, listening to and investing in others with a view to realising common goals. You enjoy challenging the status quo and are passionate about contributing creative solutions for problems.As a Recovery Advisor you will also have to:
  • Have a Masters level knowledge of law.
  • Have working experience of 2 to 5 years in litigation practice.
  • Thorough knowledge of insolvency law, securities (legal assets and how to collect them) and forms of credit.
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written English, Dutch and French (priority depending on field of work).
  • Have strong results-focused negotiating skills and the necessary assertiveness.
  • A good knowledge of business plans and financial and accounting aspects of company policy. What we offer you A clear goal, a unique opportunity and a range of flexible rewards and other benefits, such as:
  • Personal growth & challenging work with endless possibilities to achieve your ambitions
  • An informal, dynamic environment with innovative colleagues who support your efforts
  • A progressive and flexible way of working in which new ideas are valued
  • In addition, within the [name of the department] department you can count on a range of possibilities to invest in your personal and professional growth, with:

  • the possibility of taking part in courses and training programmes
  • a challenging job & a steep learning curve
  • personal coaching
  • We are redefining banking. And you? There has never been a more interesting time to work at ING. We are on a journey that is focused on our clients, driven by technology and piloted by intelligent and determined people. Our clients feel that our people enable them to stay ahead of the curve in both life and business. And we are proud of that!

    Recovery Advisor

    ING, Brussel
    Sales Engineer, Junior IT Engineer, Developer, IT Consultant, Consultant