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Javascript Developer

De vacatureAs a JavaScript Developer, you will join a fast-growing, friendly and experienced JavaScript Fullstack development team based in Antwerp, Belgium. You will contribute to developing maintainable, scalable, production-ready software components in React and Node for the Metamaze Artificial Intelligence platform. You should have a passion for programming and some credentials that show so: for example a bachelor’s degree or a minimum of one year of professional development experience in an agile environment. You will work closely together with the Machine Learning, Product, and DevOps teams. You will work on building next-generation software in one of the fastest-growing Artificial Intelligence start-ups in Europe using the latest technologies, such as React, Node.js, TypeScript, Apollo (GraphQL) on a Kubernetes-based architecture. To ensure code quality, you will perform integration, unit and regression testing using Jest. You actively keep your eye out for new and emerging frameworks that contribute to building user-centric software.Functie eisen

  • You are fluent in English.
  • You have solid and proven working experience and knowledge on JavaScript.
  • Experience with React or Node.js, and ES6 is expected.
  • You have working experience with MongoDB/SQL You have working experience with Git / Git Flow
  • Nice to have: Working experience with TypeScript (++)
  • Nice to have: Working experience with the Kubernetes and Terraform (+) Nice to have: Working experience on GraphQL/Apollo (+++)
  • Nice to have: Fluency in Dutch / French. (+)

 Jouw belangrijkste taken1. Front-end development in React
2. Vacature Javascript Developer |
3. Testing in Jest
4. Fixing bugs
5. Gedeeltelijk vanuit huis
Over MetamazeMetamaze is an AI-driven Intelligent Document Processing SaaS platform that enables companies to automatically process, extract and structure information from any type of document. The Metamaze Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform allows you to train, manage, integrate and use state-of-the-art A.I. models for extracting information from and automatically processing documents in a user friendly way. At Metamaze we believe in the extraordinary value of people. All too often, human capital within organisations remains unused and underestimated. Billions of USD are still being spent yearly on manual data entry, restructuring, and validation. People should no longer be occupied with mind-numbing, boring and non-value adding activities. We believe the world can be a better, safer and more effective place when every resource is exploiting their strengths to the maximum. As of 2021, it is no longer acceptable that these precious and irreplaceable gifts are squandered by sub-optimal allocation of resources.

  • Opgericht in 2020
  • 1 kantoor
  • 10-20 medewerkers
  • 29 is de gemiddelde leeftijd

Wat kan je?

  • Development
  • HBO, WO denkniveau
  • Medior werkniveau
  • Engels sprekend

Wat krijg je?

  • Vast
  • Glijdende werkuren
  • Lease auto
  • Tankkaart
  • Mobiel
  • Laptop
  • 13e maand
  • Pensioen
  • Netto onkostenvergoeding
  • Sporten
  • Hospitalisatieverzekering

Wat doe je?

  • Minimaal een 40-urige werkweek
  • Samenwerken met 10-20 collega's
  • Je werkt samen metIT
  • Focus opB2B
  • Je werkt voornamelijk met Informatietechnologie en -diensten

Javascript Developer

Metamaze, Anvers
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