Power Email

Looking for a sharp profile?

The Power Email is a unique and very qualitative product to target very precisely a profile in Belgium, France and/or the Netherlands.

The Power Email is a personalized email sent to the 500 most recent and relevant candidates for your job posting. 

Our network of partners gives us access to several CV databases including more than 1 million profiles of Engineers.

Our BI tools (Business Interlligence) allow us to target very precisely the profile you are looking for.

Designed to achieve a high response rate, the Power Email is a simple and cost-effective method to reach your target.

Figures by country

Belgium: +150.000
France: + 1.000.000
Netherlands: + 350.000


Step 1: We publish your job posting (D+1)
Step 2: We send you the URL link of your job posting for validation
Step 3: We create your personalized email
Step 4: Based on the criteria of your job posting, we select the most recent and relevant candidates.
Step 5: We send your email to the targeted audience (D+5)
Step 6: We measure the performance and send one more time the personalized email to the candidates who have not read it yet
Step 7: We provide you with a detailed report of the performance of your Power Email and your job posting (D+30)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an email alert and a Power Email?

An e-mail alert is a standard e-mail, including several job postings, sent automatically to candidates who have subscribed to a Job Agent.

A Power Email is a personalized e-mail, including a single job posting, sent manually to candidates and targeted by a Data Specialist of OnlyEngineerJobs.

Example of Power Email