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Proximus and Audi turn the car into a mobile hotspot

Proximus and Audi have concluded a partnership agreement to provide all new Audis in Belgium (equipped with Audi connect) with an Internet connection via the Proximus network. Thanks to the smart connectivity services of Audi Connect and Proximus’ robust mobile network, the driver will have access to a wide selection of customized online services. In this way, Audi increases its lead in the field of connectivity, and Proximus offers its customers a powerful mobile network, even in a car.

Written by Proximus


The connected car market is set to grow exponentially in the coming years. To meet this growing demand, Proximus and Audi are providing new cars equipped with Audi Connect with a special data SIM card to be used in the cars. Proximus guarantees a high-speed mobile Internet connection through its 3G and 4G/4G+ network.

Audi Connect's smart connectivity services

Audi connect combines all the applications and developments that connect the cars, the passengers, and the rest of the world with each other. In this way, Audi connect can deliver both infotainment and entertainment to the cars and increase the comfort and travel enjoyment of the passengers.

Drivers can consult traffic information online with real-time display of traffic flows on a navigation map. They can also use Google Earth™ and Google Street View™ and proactively plan their travel route on the MyAudi portal. With Online Media Streaming, the user has access to the music website Napster and the Internet radio AUPEO!

Other Audi connect services include: "Fuel prices", to find the nearest filling station or those with the cheapest fuel prices; “Train information” and “Flight information”, to display bus and train schedules and real-time flight departure and arrival times respectively; and “Weather” and “City events”, to check the weather and events at the destination.

Moreover, via the Wi-Fi hotspot, passengers can access the Internet with their laptop, tablet or smartphone. The fact that the car has its own Internet connection ensures that both the driver and passengers benefit from a stable connection in the car.

Free trial for three months

Owners of a new Audi with Audi connect ordered before the 30 of June 2016, can use the smart connectivity services via the Proximus network free of charge for three months (3GB/month) in Belgium. If they want to continue using the service, they pay 20 euro per month for 3 GB in Belgium. If they also want to use Internet in their car while abroad, they can activate a roaming data bundle.

The Proximus quality, also in your car

Proximus guarantees Audi connect users a powerful mobile network. Every year, Proximus invests almost 1 billion euro in its networks and services, offering customers simple, seamless access to their services and applications everywhere, at home and on the go. The 3G network has almost 100% coverage, the 4G network 98.7% coverage, and 4G+ is being rolled out at a fast pace.


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