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Fluxys - The World of Natural Gas

Fluxys Belgium is the independent operator of both the natural gas transmission grid and storage infrastructure in Belgium. The company also operates the Zeebrugge LNG terminal. Driven by our first-mover approach, we have developed our infrastructure into the veritable crossroads for international gas flows in North Western Europe.



Fluxys Belgium activities

Transmission and hub services

Fluxys Belgium sells capacity in its pipeline infrastructure to its customers

  • to transmit natural gas to distribution system operators, power stations and major industrial end-users in Belgium 

  • or to move natural gas to a border point for transmission to other end-user markets in Europe. 

Furthermore Fluxys Belgium offers hub services enabling customers to buy and sell natural gas on the Belgian gas trading places


Fluxys Belgium offers storage services enabling customers to use buffer capacity flexibly according to their needs to ensure the continuity of deliveries to end-users or for their activities at gas trading places.

LNG terminalling (liquefied natural gas)

At the Zeebrugge terminal, Fluxys Belgium sells capacity for:

  • loading and unloading LNG carriers, 

  • storing LNG, 

  • and regasifying it for transmission in the grid. 

At the facility, customers can also load LNG trucks

  • to supply industrial sites in Europe where pipeline supplies are not available,

  • to supply filling stations for trucks that use LNG as a fuel, 

  • or to supply ships running on LNG.