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Transgenic Scientist

Transgenic Scientist

Locations: Beerse, Belgium
Functions: R&D
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Job Description

Requisition ID: 1905771051W


Field of work

The Transgenic Breeding Scientist will be part of Laboratory Animal Sciences & Welfare (LASW) within Nonclinical Safety and work in close collaboration with the In Vivo Sciences (IVS) teams and scientific partners within Research & Development (R&D). He/she supports therapeutic areas and toxicologists on the transgenic model related aspects and provides scientific and administrative support regarding rodent breeding colonies in accordance with the applicable guidelines and regulations. This person serves as a single point of contact for all business partners involved regarding the scientific aspects of the transgenic lines.
* Experiments in animals are executed conform internal and external guidelines. Compliance with guidelines on health & safety, animal ethics, laboratory animal legislation, quality, data integrity, training plans, time registration, standard operating procedures and work instructions is essential.
* Exploring new transgenic models
* Give guidance and advice to investigators on various aspects concerning transgenic models (e.g. crispr/cas, types of modifications, cre/lox, genotypes, background, genetic monitoring capabilities & restrictions)
* Basic knowledge of the translational aspects related to the models
* Active help for investigators in the search for the desired and suitable transgenic model (e.g. contact institutes, EMMA contacts, handling paperwork)
* Interact with internal & external partners to define contract details
* Take the lead to create new models at specialized institutions such as Genoway, Horizon discovery (e.g. agreements on the background and number of animals, general health status, materials to be frozen)
* Introduction of new models
* Define breeding objectives and correct mating schemes to generate the required number and quality of animals for experiment for a variety of transgenic rodent colonies in alignment with the research programs
* Introduce novel and/or specialized techniques (e.g. accelerated back cross)
* Explore novelties/innovations on the market and use this knowledge to advice/support the investigators
* Give guidance and advice to study directors/preclinical development leaders on various aspects concerning transgenic models that can be used in toxicology evaluation
* Continuation of breeding lines
* Guide and work together with the transgenic breeding technicians on the colony management of the different breeding programs for mice and rats:

* Proactive communication with research teams and contract labs to ensure accuracy and efficiency of the breeding programs
* Forecasts timelines based on the investigators' needs and when they can expect to have their experimental models ready for experiments
* Quantity check: create and adjust rodent colony objectives and sizes to ensure research labs get their animal models on time to complete their work
* Quality check: general evaluation of phenotype (incl. harmful phenotype mapping), verify accuracy of genotyping results from (internal/external) labs, recognize errors, and immediately bring them to the attention of the investigators
* Co-ordinate, overview and optimize processes for genotyping
* Follow up in Tick@Lab (animal management system) and other IT systems on animal ordering, breeding status, pain levels, documentation of harmful phenotypes and many compliance objectives

Support biotechnicians with the follow up on husbandry and health of transgenic animals:
- order and register laboratory animals in Tick@Lab
- daily monitoring of the health of the animal
- apply the correct housing (cage size, cage enrichment) conditions
- daily control of environmental parameters (temperature, relative humidity, light, sound)
- socialization programs for animals
- assess and register pain levels (P-level)
- report and register non-conformities/observations/injured/sick animals to the PI and veterinarian
- provide care and/or medication as prescribed by the treating veterinarian
- technical aspects required for breeding of rodents: coupling, vaginal plugs, weaning, sexes, biopsy
- make 3R suggestions: refinement, reduction, replacement of animal models
- (pro)active cooperation in or with members of the Animal Welfare Body

Maintain the genetic integrity of the strains to ensure the reliability of biomedical research, and takes measures to prevent genetic drift by observing the following principles:
* Obtain mice from a reliable breeding source
* Periodically obtain new breeding stock
* Avoid comparing results from sub strains that either arose early in a strain's inbreeding regimen or that have been long separated
* Use proper nomenclature to describe mouse models
* Include a detailed description of the genetic background of the mice used
* Use a common genetic background so that your experiments can be replicated
* Provide training and help to raise awareness among research teams about the importance of maintaining the genetic integrity of strains

* Animal Welfare & Ethics

* Report (and explore if possible) causes of accidental death
* Write ethical protocols and act as Principle Investigator (PI)
* Follow up on ethical protocols/procedures of in-house strains and communicate protocol violations with investigators, ethical committee and/or Animal Welfare Body
* Set up and follow up on internal processes to monitor for harmful phenotypes. Provide retrospective feedback on phenotype analyses to ethical committee
* Must carefully observe and understand animal behavior (colony specific) and report any deviations to the investigator and/or responsible veterinarian
* Avoid the breeding of surplus animals by translating research needs in appropriate breeding objectives and by implementing new reproductive technologies
* Identify opportunities for Refinement of the techniques used in transgenic breeding (for instance: the collection of biopsies needed for genotyping)

Principal relationships
* Internal
* Rodent biotechnical staff and management
* Scientists of Neuroscience, Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Innate Immunology and Toxicology
* Animal Welfare & Compliance Officers
* Veterinarians
* Sourcing managers
* External
* Animal Breeders such as Charles River and Envigo
* Specialized institutions such as Genoway and Horizon discovery

Build a network around transgenic breeding aspects


* Master in Bio Sciences is a minimum
* Experience as biotechnician and in transgenic and/or fertility sciences
* Laboratory animal science training FELASA category C
* Experience with Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
* Reading, speaking and writing skills in English, understanding Dutch is a plus

Important Leadership Skills for Workplace Success
* Open communication with peers and management
* Motivated to work with animals
* Able to delegate if needed
* Positive mindset
* Trustworthiness
* Creativity: how to overcome hurdles and/or improve daily operations?
* Feedback in a constructive way
* Responsibility is key!
* Commitment to tasks, animals and people
* Flexibility in dealing with change and working outside nine-to-five regimens

What's in it for you?

"Caring for the world, one person at a timeā€¦". As an employee, we consider you as our most asset. We take your career seriously. As part of a team in an innovative environment your development is key and our day-to-day responsibility. Through e-university, on the job training, various projects and programs, we ensure your personal growth. Our benefits make sure we care for you and your family now and in the future.
Primary Location
Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. (7555)
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Transgenic Scientist

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Permanent contract
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