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Thermodynamic research engineer for innovative drivetrains (Leuven or Lommel)

As a thermodynamic researcher, you model cooling solutions for next generation drivetrains in machines and vehicles. Model and optimize heat flows in innovative drivetrain concepts
As a young potential or an expert in thermodynamic research, you

  • Work together in a research team with expertise in high-performant cooling, energy storage, energy management and system integration for electrical drivetrains in vehicles;
  • Take the lead in heat recuperation and thermal management challenges.
  • For next generation designs of drivetrains & components flywheels in a car, new battery type in a ship, …) you

  • Figure out with the team how to cool the system, optimizing energy and heat flows, taking into account the total cost of ownership;
  • Integrate new out-of-the-box solutions for energy storage or heat recuperation, like fase changing materials, heat pipes, or other;
  • Virtually model the system (matlab), and discover the best solutions (heat exchanger, heat sink, fluids,…);
  • Experimentally validate your results in the lab;
  • Present your work during internal/external meetings, (international) conferences …
  • Actively collaborate with industrial companies.
  • Experienced engineers will also lead project teams. Young potentials will be coached by an experienced engineer.

    Offer Requirements

  • Thermodynamic research engineer for innovative drivetrains (Leuven or Lommel)

    Flanders Make, Leuven
    Research Engineer, Engineering
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