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Systems Engineer

We wish to strengthen our team with a ‘Systems Engineer’ with particular focus on end-to-end system performance aspects.

Job description:

In this position, you will be responsible for the assessment of the end-to-end performance of an earth imaging satellite. This will be achieved by means of an end-to-end simulator that will encompass all elements in the imaging chain: the environment, the satellite platform, the imaging instrument and the ground processing.

Overview of aspects that shall be covered:

  • Building of a full system model, covering: satellite dynamics, optical payload and ground prototype processor
  • Correlation of the instrument model with real instrument measurements
  • Quantification of the influence of the instrument’s key parameters.
  • Quantification of the impact of environmental effects (albedo, stray light etc.).
  • Quantification of the effect of AOCS errors in for instance the final imaging of the optical payload.
  • Definition of the ground processing steps needed to achieve the performance requirements
  • Definition of the in-flight calibration approach and development of the associated calibration algorithms


Desired skills/ experience/ knowledge:

  • MSc or PhD in the relevant fields (control & simulation, mathematics, optics, image processing).
  • Proficiency with building simulation models.
  • Proficiency with technical documentation generation.
  • Excellent analytical & organisational skills.
  • Good knowledge of Matlab.
  • Enthusiastic result-oriented and fast-learning team player with good communication skills at all levels.
  • Fluency in English and preferably also in Dutch.


The leading edge technological aspects and variety of work makes working at QinetiQ Space an exciting challenge. QinetiQ Space offers you a unique opportunity to fully develop your talent/career and prove yourself in one of the top high technological companies in Flanders. A challenging and exciting opportunity in a team of enthusiastic and inspiring colleagues is waiting
for you.

Systems Engineer

QinetiQ Space, Kruibeke
Permanent contract
Telecom Engineer
1-2 years
QinetiQ Space