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Supply Chain Manager

As Supply Chain Manager for our Insulation division you are responsible for the supply chain process, production planning, transport planning, warehouse & stock management of the several production sites of our Insulation division.

For our Corporate division we are currently looking for an experienced SAP Basis consultant.As a SAP Basis Consultant you will be responsible in carrying out SAP Support and you will also be establishing related Policies & Procedures to support this Support. This position will lead the installation, configuration and maintenance of the Basis component of SAP systems and will assist in the planning, designing and architecting of SAP systems across a variety of platforms and databases. This position should be capable of working independently or in teams and have the ability to effectively communicate with customers to gain insight and develop solutions to meet their business needs. This position is also responsible to install support packs, conduct upgrades, backups/recovery, system refresh and troubleshooting, as well as administer databases, conduct failover of production systems, and monitor and ensure peak performance of existing SAP systems

Supply Chain Manager

Unilin, Belgium
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Targeted title(s): 
Logistics Manager, Interim Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Consultant
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