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Supply Chain Execution Software


Managing / coordinating medium-sized projects or programs to introduce new product transfers / CMO introductions within the SCES EU function within specific and technical guidelines of the client (s) in order to realize the formulated project objectives with regard to time, money, quality and functionality.

Voornaamste taken

- Translate the client's request into detailed project plans (timing, phasing of approach, any additional preliminary research, deliverables, required resources, design of documentation and quality assurance)
- Under the substantive direction of the client, reaching agreement with all parties involved about the required requirements and recording them
- Obtain, manage and monitor resources (budget, people, resources, expertise) within the project team in close collaboration with the business
- Coordinate and ensure the realization of the project steps according to plan
- Planning and monitoring the progress of projects / programs in all relevant aspects, adjusting and / or escalating where necessary (in close consultation with the client)
- Structured identification, anticipation and control of elements that can influence the course of the project / program
- Monitor and follow the required norms, standards and regulations
- Taking care of the collection and making available of relevant data as well as compiling reports (based on a standard format), both on request and on one's own initiative


Medior: Around 2/4 years experience with these responsibilities
Bilingual French/Dutch & good level in English

Communication skills, both written and oral, as well as listening skills
Develop positive and constructive relationships transversally

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Supply Chain Execution Software

Group Tormans, Machelen
Supply Chain
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