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Spring OSS Reactor Netty Engineer - Opportunity for Working Remotely

Job Description

Location: Anywhere / Remote

Changing the way the world builds software

The Reactor Engineering team is behind some of the most important frameworks in the reactive ecosystem. Used in every industry vertical, Reactor is a key piece of the reactive programming landscape on the JVM. Part of the Spring portfolio, this distributed team consists of engineers across the globe working distributed full time. Passionate about our code and our users, the Reactor team is made up of individuals with extensive experience in many enterprise software domains. As a part of the Tanzu portfolio within VMware, the Reactor Engineering team enables users to be productive by creating business value with Tanzu and other related tools.


You enjoy solving problems. You have a natural curiosity about how new things work. You are excited about open source and the impact it can have on the daily lives of millions of enterprise developers in every industry. You are someone who understands Netty (or equivalent server) and its underlying architecture as well as how it fits into the architectures that are built upon it. You are comfortable digging into other code bases that are foreign to you to solve problems. You view the code you write to test at every level (unit, integration, etc) is just as important as the code you write for end users. Documentation is not an afterthought to your software development process and is a fundamental first class citizen in all your projects. As a software engineer, you are passionate about writing code and understand that maintaining code is just as important. You are curious and get excited about distributed and reactive systems and enabling developers to deliver those systems more efficiently with tools like Reactor and Reactor Netty.

Desired Skills

We know from experience that not ticking every box on the skills sections stops many from applying. You should apply regardless of your self-assessment, because we want to hear from you.

Technical skills

  • Experience with networking programming (TCP, TLS etc.)

  • Experience with asynchronous processing

  • Experience with Netty, Vert.x, Jetty, Tomcat, or related projects

  • Willing to debug code in projects other than your own

  • Ability to manage multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment

  • Strong communication skills and ability to collaborate with others working remotely

  • Passion for growing your skills, tackling interesting work and challenging problems

  • Working knowledge of different types of software testing.

  • Proficient with Git and GitHub workflows.

  • Experiences:

  • Experience working on a globally distributed team (multiple time zones).

  • Mentoring junior and mid-level developers.

  • Ability to set priorities for multiple projects.

  • Flexibility to work with people in Eastern Europe and Asian time zones.

  • Nice to haves

  • Some professional C/C++ experience

  • Some professional Java Spring Framework experience including Spring Boot

  • Some professional reactive programming experience

  • Some professional Proxies, Load Balancers experience

  • Some public speaking experience

  • Open source development experience.

  • Category : Engineering and Technology
    Subcategory: Software Engineering
    Experience: Manager and Professional
    Full Time/ Part Time: Full Time
    Posted Date: 2021-03-30

    Spring OSS Reactor Netty Engineer - Opportunity for Working Remotely

    vmware-inc, Brussels
    Engineering, Developer
    Degree Level: