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Senior NLP Engineer


Would you like to work in a company where your input is appreciated? Did you start with machine learning because you are interested in AI? Are you all about bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the next level, the human level? At we want to achieve just that, for chat and voice bots, on our low-code/no-code platform.

We developed an easy-to-use Conversational AI platform that lets our clients build and maintain even the largest and most complex bots, no coding required. We built our AI entirely in house, including our speech recognition engine. And our natural language understanding algorithms are language independent. It can understand more than 100 languages out of the box, even if you trained it in just 1 language.

This is just the beginning. We can do lots more and we need ML Engineering talent to make it happen!

The essence of the role

You’ll join the Machine Learning team, and work on cutting-edge AI technology. You will contribute to our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine which understands questions and formulates answers or to our Speech Recognition engine which transcribes phone calls in real time.

As our senior NLP Engineer you will:

  • Experiment with, apply and benchmark new NLP or Speech algorithms
  • Set up proof-of-concepts and bring those to the product.
  • Productize cutting-edge research
  • Deploy machine learning code in the cloud
  • Actively keep your eye out for new and emerging machine learning solutions that might add value to the product and/or the customer.
  • Collaborate with and mentor junior NLP engineers
  • Bring your ideas to the table to make building human-like chat and voice bots a reality, and help defining the AI roadmap.
  • Who are you?

    This job isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like collaborating, if you dislike communicating, if you just want to build what you are told, or if working on the cutting edge of machine learning isn’t your thing, that’s OK. But then we’re probably not the company for you. However, if you like to go the extra (s)mile and like to have impact on a cutting-edge product that can bridge the gap between AI and humans? Well, then we are definitely a good match!

    In order to contribute in this role:

  • You have a master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent skills, complemented with an experience in NLP or Speech Recognition - we expect at least 2 years of experience in NLP or Speech
  • You have tackled many Machine Learning problems in a professional context of which the majority were NLP or Speech problems - we expect at least 3 years of experience in NLP or Speech
  • You have solid and proven working experience and knowledge of Python
  • You have working experience with Git and Git Flow
  • You are fluent in English
  • You are a good communicator, can work independently and take matters into your own hands.
  • You have the ability to quickly learn new technologies and successfully implement them
  • Big plus!

    You’ll stand out from the crowd if you have:

  • Multiple language skills
  • A multi-cultural mindset
  • A PhD in Machine Learning
  • Knowledge of conversational design/AI
  • Put and maintained Machine Learning models in production
  • Experience with one or more of the following libraries/technologies: PyTorch, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, spaCy, Rasa, Docker, Kubernetes, C, C++.
  • Senior NLP Engineer

    Sinch, Antwerp
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