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Senior Media Solutions Engineer

Job description

As Senior Media Solutions Engineer you will be part of Devoteam’s Solution Integration and Telco Business Unit.

Typically, Solution Integration & Telco consultants design and conceive technical architectures, and run benchmarks as well as advice our customers on technical choices. They conduct diagnostics and technical surveys of the IT infrastructure, and evaluate and monitor technical impacts of new solutions. Above all, Solution Integration & Telco consultants manage technical standards: tools, processes, norms, security…

You become excited - from a technical point of view - when you hear Video Streaming, Digital & Interactive TV, Video on Demand, Set-top box, DLNA, Media Center?

You feel comfortable when confronted with UNIX, Linux, Databases or SQL?

CCNA, Loadbalancing nor Wireshark make you scratch your head?

You are not scared of hearing SOAP, REST, XML, HTML 5, Webservices, Scripting, .NET, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, AJAX or Bash scripting?

You consider Conditional Access (CA), DRM, SSL, Certificates, Diameter, PKI or LDAP like taking a walk in the park?

You think you are ready to deliver a solution, conduct technical project coordination, define functional requirements, document Use Cases, manage vendors, have technical discussions with vendors and go through an RFP/RFI process?

As Senior Media Solutions Engineer you will play an active role in the definition, integration, roll-out of a full end-2-end solution in the broad domain of media (Media Center, Digital & Interactive TV, Video Streaming, Video on Demand, Media clients, Video on Demand, Set-top-boxes).

You are responsible to deliver and integrate end-to-end solutions using a series of necessary components like Application Services, Middleware Platforms, Databases, Adaptors and Server Platforms while also paying attention to maintainability and controllability of the overall solution.

Delivering a solution means:

  • Defining the solution together with colleagues and external suppliers
  • Selecting suppliers and solutions or parts of it on the market
  • Follow-up on deliverables from internal and external suppliers
  • First validation of the deliverables making sure that what is delivered is according to expectations
  • Integrating parts of the solution into the total solution, gluing partial solutions together making it a total and working whole.
  • Follow-up of the detailed validation tests executed by the testing department
  • Interaction with internal and external supplier to fine-tune the solution and learn other useful capabilities of the solution
  • You are a genuine team player. Activities are assigned in task packages based on skills, experiences, interest and responsibility. Activities are typically performed at customer site where the designed solution needs to be deployed in project mode.


    A minimum of 3 years hands-on experience in one or more of the following domains:

  • Media: Video Streaming, Video on Demand, Digital & Interactive TV, Set-top box, DLNA, Media Center,
  • Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows, Databases, SQL, Embedded systems, fault analysis, Bash scripting
  • Network: CCNA or other certifications, QoS, Loadbalancing, Wireshark, Network troubleshooting, network based tracing, fault analysis
  • Integration: Webservices, SOAP, REST, XML, HTML 5
  • Development: Webservices, Scripting, .NET, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, AJAX
  • Security: Conditional Access (CA), DRM, SSL, Certificates, Diameter, PKI, LDAP
  • · We recognize Experience in one or more of following areas as added value:

  • Full project lifecycle
  • Solution delivery
  • Product or Solution Owner
  • Functional analysis: translating business requirements, defining functional requirements, Use cases
  • Technical project coordination
  • Vendor management, Technical discussions with Vendor
  • RFP/RFI process
  • Quality oriented, used to work in a controlled environment (CVN, ..) following procedures and providing documentation (specs, guidelines, release)

    Analytical troubleshooting and problem solving skills

    Reporting skills (progress reporting of personal activities)

    Fluent oral/written communication skills in English, and fluent oral/written communication skills in at least one of the major national languages (Dutch and/or French).

    Senior Media Solutions Engineer

    Devoteam, Zaventem
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