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Senior Cost Analyst

Senior Cost Analyst-180275

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Salary (Pay Basis)

: 7,693.25Euro (EUR) Monthly
Grade A.4

The NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Management Agency (NAGSMA) is a NATO body chartered to procure and field the NATO-owned and operated Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) core capability. This post is assigned to the NAGSMA Programme Control Branch (PCB) whose mandate is the verification of contract deliverables. The PCB is designed to provide the Programme Manager with experts in management tools such as risk management, configuration management, contracting, quality assurance, cost analyst and scheduling. These specialists may also participate in the review of contract deliverables.
Overarching Responsibility:
The incumbent will
* Assume responsibility for the effective and efficient management, coordination, support and performance of all cost, pricing and earned value activities for the NATO AGS Programme;
* Provide direct support to the Programme Management staff (General Manager, Programme Manager, and Programme Control Manager) and other NAGSMA members in relation to cost estimating/analysis, price proposal evaluations and Earned Value Management (EVM) and other cost related issues.


Under the supervision of the Programme Control Manager, but largely on own initiative, the Cost Analyst is responsible for managing and performing a full range of cost estimation/analysis, price proposal evaluation and earned value support. These responsibilities include the following:

* Managing, planning, organising, implementing and executing all cost estimates (including life cycle cost), cost analysis, price proposal evaluations and EVM activities;
* Providing guidance/policy and recommendations for all Programme Management practices related to cost and earned value;
* Managing the quality control of all cost estimates, price proposal evaluations and EVM products and deliverables;
* Overseeing the development and maintenance of the Cost Estimating and EVM Handbooks;
* Providing documentation to executive reports;
* Briefing NAGSMO/NAGSMA and NATO officials on all cost estimating/analysis, price proposal evaluation and earned value matters;
* Supporting and participating in Programme and Technical Reviews regarding all cost estimating/analysis and earned value matters; and
* Acting as primary focal point to internal/external auditor interface on cost estimating, earned value and price proposal (pricing) matters.

Acquisition, RFP and Source Selection
* Supporting the development of acquisition/procurement strategies for change proposals and projected contracts;
* Supporting the development of all Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation;
* Developing and executing the overall price evaluation process;
* Assume responsibility for evaluating all price proposals, including Basis of Estimates (BOEs), in support of negotiations; and
* Acting as the NAGSMA pricing analyst and is responsible for recommending the target price for negotiations (supports the contracting officer);

* Developing independent cost estimates (including life cycle cost) to include the following efforts:
+ cost modelling;
+ cost baseline development;
+ Cost Work Breakdown Structure (CWBS) development and definition;
+ ground rules and assumptions documentation;
+ defining estimating methodologies;
+ data collection (validation and normalisation);
+ time phasing;
+ sensitivity (cost drivers), uncertainty and risk analysis;
+ full estimate documentation; and
+ briefing final results;
* Performing Affordability Analysis exercise to prevent NAGSMA for entering into commitments over and above the PMoU (Programme Memorandum of Understanding) ceiling.
* Applying EVM policies, methodologies and techniques to assist with the performance management of the programme;
* Overseeing the analysis of contractor EVM reports (e.g., Contract Performance Report (CPR), Contractor Performance Measurement (CPM), Contract Funds Status Reports (CFSR) and providing performance measurement results;
* Overseeing the development of programme performance metrics for inclusion in the monthly programme reports;
* Conducting a quality review and approving the evaluation of contractors' Latest Revised Estimate (LREs);
* Reviewing and approving independent projections of Estimate At Completion (EACs);
* Managing the review the EVM system for adequacy and compliance with government/industry guidance/policy including systems implementation support, and recommendations for improved programme management capabilities;
* Coordinating and performing audit compliance with the EVM contract clauses and EVM reporting standards and providing recommendations;
* Managing the assessment of contractor/NAGSMA activity baseline implementation;
* Providing oversight and support to the Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) activities;
* Developing programme budgets;
* Performing "what-if" cost exercises in support of budget requests;
* Support and coordinate activities for the Programme Manager regarding briefings and programme updates for the BoD.

Experience and Education:

* A university degree in a field related to at least one of the following disciplines: Business Administration, Management, Accounting, Operations Research, Economics, Applied Mathematics or Engineering or related discipline;
* At least 8 years of experience in the area of cost estimation/analysis, including life cycle cost estimate development and documentation; price proposal evaluation; negotiations; and EVM, with a majority of experience residing in large scale armament projects/programmes;
* At least 5 years of in depth experience in major NATO procurement programmes;
* Strong leadership skills to include managing, organising, coordinating and executing cost estimating/analysis, price proposal evaluation and EVM assignments;
* Extensive experience in evaluating contractor price proposals and providing contract negotiations support;
* Extensive experience with and be able to develop independent LCC estimates, including cost modelling; technical baseline development; Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) definition; ground rules and assumptions documentation; development of estimating methodologies; data collection (validation and normalization); sensitivity, uncertainty and risk analysis; comprehensive estimate documentation; and presentation of analysis results;
* Experience with advanced cost modelling and risk analysis using various commercial off-the-shelf software tools;
* Able to perform quick turn-around "what-if" cost exercises and respond to urgent budget requests;
* Knowledge of EVM tools, ANSI 748-A and the National Defence Industrial Association Guides for Earned Value Management;
* Experience in international projects/programmes.


* Experience with Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs)
* Experience in conducting on-site reviews of contractor cost/schedule management control systems in accordance with the requirements of EVM;
* Knowledge of the NATO organisation, procedures and acquisition processes;
* Basic knowledge of the NATO AGS Core Programme.

Language Proficiency:
* The incumbent must have a thorough knowledge of the English language, which is the official working language of the organisation. He/she will be called upon to deal with complex problems and to draw up documents in English.
* NOTE: All of the work of the NAGSMA is conducted in the English language.

Competencies or Personal Attributes:
The incumbent should possess the personal qualities of tact, judgement and adaptability as well as good political awareness and motivational and listening skills. In addition, a sense of diplomacy and propriety in order to work harmoniously with colleagues and other staff, both civilian and military, from NATO and the NATO nations, as well as with staff from private scientific/industrial organisations is needed.
Business travel to NATO and national facilities.
Professional Contacts:
The Cost Analyst:
* Supports the Programme Manager and General Manager on urgent matters concerning cost estimates, price proposal evaluations/negotiations and EVM issues;
* Provides professional oversight to the other cost analyst(s);
* Maintains working relationships as with relevant personnel at other NATO and national agencies and facilities (e.g. NC3A, NACMA and NAPMA);
* Ensures and maintains a professional working relationship with all NAGSMA Programme Control Branch (PCB) individuals, as well as all other NAGSMA staff as appropriate;
* Interacts with cost and EVM counterparts from industry; and
* Maintains working relationships with relevant Programme stakeholders, various NATO bodies and agencies, national organisations and Industry involved in the Programme.

Supervisory/Guidance Duties:

The incumbent shall supervise assigned cost and EVM analysts and shall provide professional guidance to analysts and any other NAGSMA staff.

Provides training on cost estimating, price proposal evaluation and EVM to NAGSMA staff, as required.

Working Environment: Normal office environment.

What do we offer?
* Excellent tax-free salary, including (where eligible) expatriation household and family allowances and additional privileges for expatriate staff.
* Education allowance for children (where appropriate) and an excellent private health insurance scheme;
* Generous annual leave and home leave (if eligible).
* Retirement Pension Plan.

To learn more about NAGSMA and our work, please visit our website
Please note that only nationals of the NATO AGS Participating Nations are eligible to apply for NAGSMA posts.
This includes nationals of: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and United States of America.
Note: Due to the anticipated closure of the Agency, the contract offered to a successful candidate is limited to 31 December 2020.

Senior Cost Analyst

North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Brussels
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Permanent contract, Temporary fixed-term contract
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