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scientific personnel

scientific personnel

Last application date
Aug 01, 2018 18:13

LA24 - Department of Green Chemistry and Technology

Limited duration

MsC Electronical Engineering and ICT Engineering, MsC Electrical Engineering, MsC Civil Engineering, or equivalent

Occupancy rate

Vacancy Type
Research staff

Job description
Engineer for flux tower installation in the Democratic Republic of Congo This position is opened at ISOFYS-lab (UGent) in the framework of the following European project: YPS: Yangambi, Pôle scientifique en service de l'homme et de la nature ISOFYS - Isotope Bioscience Laboratory, Department of Green Chemistry and Technology - ISOFYS is a research unit at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University, Belgium. The research unit is equipped with diverse state-of-the-art stable and radioisotope analytical equipment and carries out highly international oriented research and education on isotope biogeochemistry, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and integrated tropical soil fertility. Doing so ISOFYS contributes to a process based understanding of ecosystem functions. Scientific background Central African forests are poorly studied but an important component in the global greenhouse gas balance. In one part of this European YPS project, Ghent University is
scientifically responsible to set up an eddy-covariance flux tower in lowland tropical forest in Yangambi, close to Kisangani (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Eddy covariance is a widely used, accurate and direct method to quantify greenhouse gas and water exchange between ecosystems and the atmosphere. Specific tasks Within the above-mentioned project, Ghent University is subcontractor of Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and in charge of the scientific implementation of the project. In other words; provide all the scientific-technical details to CIFOR and install the measuring equipment once the physical structure of the tower has been set up. We have a list of equipment that needs to be installed on the tower (CO2, N2O and CH4 trace gas lasers, meteorological equipment, etc.). However, the machines need energy supply, the data needs to be logged and uploaded, and the configuration of all the data logging and energy schemes need to be determined. All this will
need to be implemented in a robust and low-maintenance way, because the tower site is located in the forest of the central Congo Basin.
For this, we are looking for someone to:
* Design an energy scheme which can power up the tower equipment independently from the power grid (solar panels, batteries and back-up generator);
* Design the data logging scheme of all the different measuring stations and design a central data logging system;
* Design the direct upload of the logged data, so that the tower's functioning can be checked at any time online;
* Test the entire installation.

Profile of the candidate
Profile of the candidate
* We look for strongly motivated candidates with relevant working experience or a diploma-holder of one of following training programs: MsC Electronical Engineering and ICT Engineering, MsC Electrical Engineering, MsC Civil Engineering, or equivalent; * Relevant experience with dataloggers is a strong plus;
* Fluent in English and French (Dutch is a plus, but not a must);
* Willing to work in multidisciplinary team and with different stakeholders and project partners;
* Independent, dynamic, communicative and social are crucial soft skills
Our offer
* Initial contract as full-time scientific collaborator for 12 month period, with options for prolongation
* Starting date: 15th of September 2018
* The successful candidate will be based in Ghent
* The salary of this position is determined by Ghent University according to the relevant diploma.

How to apply
The candidate will be selected based on CV, reference letter, motivation letter and a job interview. Please forward the application (CV, motivation letter and reference letters) by 1/8/2018 or additional questions to: Prof. Dr. Ir. Pascal Boeckx Isotope Bioscience Laboratory, Ghent University Coupure Links 653, 9000 Gent, Belgium Tel.: +32 264 60 00 Email:

scientific personnel

Contract Type: 
Permanent contract, Temporary fixed-term contract