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Research Manager Secure System Software

Research Manager Secure System Software

DistriNet, part of KU Leuven's Department of Computer Science, within the Group of Science, Technology and Engineering, seeks to expand its team with a research manager on secure system software who will focus on a broad range of challenges in secure systems software with an emphasis on new security architectures for system software on the one hand, and on the operational management of secure and security systems on the other hand. Strategic research that is proposed and managed by the candidate will be oriented towards practical applications in various contexts, such as server-based systems in the cloud, IoT environments, etc. Specific attention on monitoring aspects and managed security, including the application of intelligent data processing techniques, is a bonus. DistriNet is an international research group with 12 professors, a business office, 5 research managers, 3 research experts, 10 PostDocs and about 50 researchers, a majority being PhD Students. The extensive expertise
of DistriNet focuses on two key research domains: Distributed Systems and Secure Software. Research on software engineering techniques is performed in both domains. Embedded in the Department of Computer Science of the KU Leuven Group Science & Technology, DistriNet is a research group of the Flemish Strategic Research institute imec.

The research manager secure systems software will further extend and valorize DistriNet's research at an international level in the domain of software security, with a focus on system software. The research activities cover the development of security technologies, as well as the integration of such technologies in the development and deployment process for secure software.

More specifically this includes the following responsibilities:
* You follow and assess relevant developments within the secure software research domain; your focus is on research topics directly coupled to secure systems software.
* You coach and evaluate researchers, you define the work planning and you contribute to the creation of an inspiring environment for conducting creative, innovative research.
* You coordinate and align research programs and activities and you contribute to the creation of a fitted research infrastructure.
* By attending and organizing conferences and workshops you expand DistriNet's national and international network in research and industry.
* You publish research results, conduct lectures and participate in relevant working groups on a national and international level.
* You initiate, attain and coordinate research project ideas. This includes knowledge acquisition of relevant national and international research programs, participation in project idea initiatives, negotiations with industrial partners and defining project plans.
* You acquire and manage research projects, in collaboration with industry and with academic research partners.
* You contribute to the inception and development of proof-of-concepts to demonstrate and evaluate research results, and you help to mature the most promising results towards prototypes.
* You contribute to research strategy development for the research pillar on secure system software within the DistriNet research group and translate the policy plan into operational goals.
* You cooperate with KU Leuven corporate services (such as Leuven Research and Development) concerning contract issues and other valorization activities.
* You support the management of financial resources in cooperation with the DistriNet Business Office.
* You compare internal research results with those of other research centers.

Ph.D. in Computer Science (Doctor in Engineering or in Sciences: Informatics, Computer Science).

Knowledge and experience in one or more research subdomains of secure software for embedded systems:

* Security aspects of systems including virtualization, isolation and dependability;
* Security aspects of cyber physical systems (CPS), IoT and sensor networks;
* Software techniques allowing for the monitoring and management of secure systems and specific security infrastructures;
* Modular middleware for security support, i.e. mobile authentication, single sign on, multi-factor authentication, access control and profile- and context management of end-users;
* Mobile security; security API's for mobile devices and appliances;
* Architectural security of sensor/IoT networks and hybrid setups

Experience as a post-doctoral researcher in executing research and guiding PhD students.

Experience in the management and execution of national and international research projects

Knowledge of national and international ICT funding schemes and some experience in the acquisition and the definition of national and international research projects.

Affinity with national and international research and industrial ICT community.

The ability to work independently as well as part of a research team

Fluent in English, both written and oral.

We offer a permanent position as Research Manager at KU Leuven in a very dynamic and internationally oriented research group at one of the best universities in Europe. The candidate will work on KU Leuven's campus in Ghent and will typically spend 20% of the time in Leuven.


KU Leuven

Research Manager Secure System Software

KU Leuven, Ghent
R&D Engineer, Project Manager, Software Engineer
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