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Pricing Analyst


As a Pricing Analyst you help businesses determine competitive pricing strategies to gain market share and achieve revenue goals.You analyze data from multiple sources and collaborate with sales and marketing teams to develop sales strategies.


•Assessing data from a variety of sources to gain insights into pricing strategies and market trends;

•Analyzing competitor pricing and market trends to increase market share and profitability;

•Analyzing impact of group activity pricing on overall production;

•Applying statistical modeling methods to determine the potential impact of pricing strategies;

•Recommending pricing strategies that align closely with market trends and identifying new market segments;

•Forecasting revenue and market share based on market trends and sales volumes;

•Collaborating with sales and marketing departments on developing and implementing competitive pricing strategies;

•Preparing and presenting pricing analysis findings to executives, marketing teams, and sales staff.

QUALIFICATIONS (skills, competencies, experience)

•Analytical skills;

•Team player but also able to work autonomously; 

•A bachelor's degree in mathematics, statistics, finance, economics, or in a related field;

•A minimum experience as a pricing analyst in a similar industry; 

•Proficiency in business intelligence (BI) software;

•Knowledge of statistical methods and data analysis;

•Experience in analyzing pricing strategies and forecasting revenue and market share;

•Experience in collaborating on pricing strategies with sales and marketing departments;

•Ability to keep abreast of industry trends; 

•Ability to present pricing analysis reports;

•Excellent analytical and communication skills.


Right to work in Belgium.

In the course of our recruitment and selection process, we may make your Personal Information available to third parties such as recruitment agency, intermediaries and other business partners.

Pricing Analyst

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