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Postdoctoral Scientist

Postdoctoral Scientist

Locations: Beerse, Belgium
Functions: Chemistry
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Job Description

Requisition ID: 1905734676W

Postdoctoral Scientist Tribology - crystallization technology unit

The Crystallization Technology Unit (CTU) located in Beerse (Belgium) is part of Technology & Engineering department of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) Small Molecule Development within Janssen R&D. The primary focus of CTU is the final API crystallization and downstream process steps (filtration, drying, milling).

Process development and scale-up to deliver the desired chemical and physical API quality are the main responsibilities within the CTU group. In close collaboration with Drug Product Development, CTU is also responsible for delivering on complementary API material attribute requirements such as particle size distribution range, morphology, bulk density and powder flow behaviour. Because of our global presence and supply chain network, different production hardware for API manufacturing is exploited. Mainly in the aforementioned downstream process steps, the carefully tailored API properties can be altered. In particular, isolation by centrifugation and agitated drying, which are only introduced during scale-up to pilot plant and later on commercial production plants, are two main unit operations that influence the final API particle and powder characteristics. In order to anticipate on the downstream introduced changes, it is required to understand the implications of
the process equipment and operational parameters on the critical quality attributes (CQAs). We currently have a vacancy for a 2-year postdoctoral Scientist position to support the research in this field.

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral scientist with hands-on lab experience in the field of tribology or particle and powder rheology, who is interested in pursuing technological and scientific advancements in an industry setting. The postdoctoral scientist will work in a highly dynamic and innovative environment with the opportunity to interact interdisciplinary with several internal and external expert collaborators. The applicant should possess a strong self-motivation, scientific curiosity, learning aptitude, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
* To characterize the physical and mechanical properties of crystals at the powder and particle level, e.g. size & shape distribution, hardness, compressibility.
* Investigate and determine relationships between microscopic and macroscopic properties of API particles, solvents, and their interactions experimentally and/or theoretically
* Model mechanical stresses (i.e. shear profiles) that API particles encounter during centrifugation and agitated drying in the absence and presence of organic liquids
* Conceptualize and design laboratory methodologies for assessing and quantifying the extent of stress-induced particle breakage
* Validate the risk assessment by the developed scale-down approach for actual projects
* Plan, organize, design and conduct experiments independently (including preparation, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation)
* Interact with various stakeholders within and outside the department (Pharmaceutical Sciences, Analytical Development, Drug Product Development, clinical and commercial API manufacturing sites)

* Recent PhD related to tribology, material, interfacial, particle, polymer or formulation sciences (i.e. experimental physics, chemical or pharmaceutical engineering, chemistry, industrial pharmacy) or equivalent
* Knowledge of particle characterization and in-depth knowledge of powder flowability and associated characterization techniques, e.g. ring shear testing, powder rheometer testing, tribometer testing, compression testing
* Understanding of mechanical breakage of particulate organic solids, encompassing attrition and comminution on an experimental and theoretical level
* Basic understanding of (physical) organic chemistry and crystallization
* Strong interest in process and analytical technology for (pharmaceutical) powder processing
* Strong interest in material and process modelling
* Hands-on experience with designing and conducting of lab set-ups, experiments and data analysis
* Engaged scientist with a detail-oriented, creative problem-solving attitude and excellent record-keeping skills
* A team player with excellent listening, learning and multidisciplinary collaborating skills

Proficient in oral and written scientific Eng

Primary Location
Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. (7555)
Job Function
Requisition ID

Postdoctoral Scientist

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Permanent contract
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