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PhD student

PhD student

Last application date
Feb 12, 2018 08:23

DI06 - Department of Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety

Limited duration

Master degree in Veterinary Medicine or Bio-engineering

Occupancy rate

Vacancy Type
Research staff

Job description
You will be involved in a 4-years research project on marine nematodes, Anisakidae, conducted by the Laboratory of Foodborne Parasitic Zoonoses, Department of Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Anisakidae are neglected zoonotic foodborne parasites impacting significantly on public health, and representing an important economic cost. The parasites can be found in most commercial fish species, and infect people after consumption of raw/insufficiently cooked infected fish, causing mild to severe clinical signs and symptoms. Though of great concern to the Belgian fish industry, Anisakidae are still hugely neglected in research. The project aims to define the importance of Anisakidae in the Belgian food chain, to improve the diagnosis in fish and to explore techniques for removal of larvae from fish. You will be conducting your PhD research in the framework of the project.

Profile of the candidate
We are looking for a motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious PhD candidate with a strong interest in foodborne zoonotic parasites, laboratory and field work, as well as the following competences:
+ Master degree in Veterinary Medicine or Bio- engineering
+ Knowledge and strong interest in parasitology is a plus
+ Good communication skills
+ Able to work independent
+ Working with a creative, critical and analytical mindset
+ Flexible, team player
+ Strong research skills
+ Strong motivation to obtain a PhD-degree
+ Holder of a driver's license

How to apply
Please send your application including a motivation letter, CV and copy of your degree to Prof. dr. S. Gabriƫl, the latest by 12/02/2018.

PhD student

Universiteit Gent, Kruibeke
Employment type: 
Permanent contract, Temporary fixed-term contract
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