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PhD position in CFD for ship-fluid mud interaction

PhD position in CFD for ship-fluid mud interaction


This position is offered by the Sediment Mechanics Research Unit of the Hydraulics Division, specialized in the development of new physics-based process models for sediment transport and morphodynamic numerical software and implementation, validation and application in open source software like OpenFOAM and Telemac.

Inthe framework of a new fundamental scientific research project, entitled "Development of a CFD tool and associated experimental validationtechniques for fluid mud bottoms disturbed by moving objects", fundedby the Fund for Scientific Research, Flanders (FWO), the Hydraulics Division ofthe KU Leuven is offering a full-time PhD position for 4 years (contract to be renewedannually after evaluation). The project is coordinated by Prof. GuillaumeDelefortrie from the MaritimeTechnology Division of Ghent University (UGent) and is supportedlogistically by Flanders Hydraulics Research (FHR) in Antwerp in the frameworkof their Nautical Bottom Research.

Themain task will be the development and validation of a versatile CFD model inOpenFOAM ( able to simulate theinteraction between various moving objects (varying from simple shapes to aship's hull) and/or surface waves with a fluid mud layer on the bottom of achannel. The model will be based on a new multi-phase flow model developed inour Sediment Mechanics research group.

Besidesthe numerical work, the candidate will also be involved in the experimentalwork in collaboration with researchers from UGent and FHR, i.e. towingexperiments, development of new measuring techniques for these and rheometry, allcarried out at FHR in Antwerp. In particular, the candidate will be responsiblefor the rheological characterization of the muds used in the experimental work.

Candidatesshould be holding a MSc degree in Engineering (or equivalent), with demonstratedexperience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Proven experience inscientific programming of numerical methods (the finite volume method inparticular) is a strong asset. Please submit any thesis, report or otherpublication demonstrating your experience in numerical modelling of (complex)fluid flow problems. Specific experience in the modelling of non-Newtonian flows,turbulence and/or multi-phase flows is an asset. Experience of modelling inOpenFOAM is an additional asset.

The candidate is expected to be creative, beingable tocarry out research investigation independently, and willing to work in amultidisciplinary team. He/she should be proficient in English, have excellentscientific writing, planning and communication skills, and be an enthusiasticteam player.

We offer an open, stimulating andmulti-disciplinary research environment. Duration of thecontract: 1 year, with yearly extension to maximum 4 years, after yearlyevaluation. The salary and appointment terms are consistent with the generalrules at Leuven University.

Submission of candidaturesshould take place online.

Candidatesshould submit the following documents:

· Letter of motivation

· Full CV

· Detailed transcripts of all diplomas (includinglist of all courses followed, number of credits and marks obtained)

· List of references

· Publications demonstrating CFD experience

· Overview of scientific code programmingexperience (incl. programming languages)

· English language proficiency

For more information please contact Prof. dr. ir. Erik Toorman, tel.: +32 16 32 16 59, e-mail:

PhD position in CFD for ship-fluid mud interaction

KU Leuven, Antwerp
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