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Network Data Architect

Career Opportunities: Network Data Architect (43514)

Req Id 43514 - Posted 04/13/2018 - Telenet - Belgium - Mechelen - Functional Area (1) - Full Time / Part Time (1) - Job Level (1)
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We are looking for a Network Data-minded personality that shares our passion for turning (tremendous amounts of) data into value for our customers and shareholders through products, services and technology innovations.

In your role as a Network Data Architect you'll be in a driving seat to establish and realise a converged, future proof overall network data architecture to evolve our fixed and mobile networks to the next level of automation, service orchestration, software defined networking and network functions virtualization. You will not only deliver impact on our technical processes and systems but also guide strategic decision-making within our technology department, and drive new technology developments by applying state-of-the-art machine learning and analytics capabilities in a Mediation context.

You will Identify problems and tackle them in a logical, step-by-step way; gather and co-ordinate relevant data, diagnoses possible causes of problems and resolves these in line with procedures, but no hands on.

* Define and evangelize the short-term and long-term vision on network data architecture and data governance in light of the increasing strategic importance and value of network data within the company.
* Come up with new, data-driven, innovative ideas to generate value from our data sources and pitch your ideas to engineering and business stakeholders.
* Help cultivate data-driven initiatives by providing end-to-end support in the development of prototypes and MVPs.
* Maintain an extensive overview of the data sources and tools that are available within Telenet Mobile and Fixed networks.
* Take ownership of information maturity and data quality assessments, and define short- and long-term targets.
* Provide guidance in business and technology projects and initiate specific projects to reach those targets.
* Support business cases for innovative ideas by providing data-driven insights which prove their value.

Your profile:

Education and overall experience:
* Bachelor of Master degree in Technology/Engineering/ICT
* A strong and vast experience within telecoms (fixed and mobile networks)
* Several years of experience in within data networks
* At least 3 years of relevant architecture experience

Technical skills:
* Big Data technology: Experience or profound interest in Big Data technologies (Hadoop, Spark, Elasticsearch, Kafka, …)
* Frameworks: Knowledge of DAMA/DMBOK, TOGAF, TMForum is a plus

Business expertise:
* Clear understanding of the company's current capabilities and ultimate business objectives
* Industry insight
* Business case building up & analysis
* Finance: CAPEX & OPEX
* Negotiation skills
* Contract Management: from RFI/RFQ to terms & conditions
* Vendor management

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Network Data Architect

Telenet, Mechelen
Employment type: 
Permanent, Contract
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Data Engineer