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Key expert 4: WBIF Project Manager, expert in private sector development


Project title: Horizontal Coordination Support under the Western Balkans Investment Framework - International Financial Institutions Coordination Office (IFICO 4)

Brief description:

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows:

  • To assist the WBIF stakeholders (European Commission, IFIs, bilateral donors, beneficiaries) in achieving a coordinated and effective approach towards enhancement of public infrastructure and competitiveness of the private sector investment policies in the Western Balkans with a focus on the swift implementation of the Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans, including the Staff Working Document setting out a Green Agenda for the Western Balkans which accompanies the Economic and Investment Plan.
  • To support the WBIF Secretariat in all its activities, as entrusted by the WBIF Strategic Boards under its Rules of Procedures.
  • IFICO will contribute to the socio-economic development of the Western Balkans, by providing high quality services in coordinating, following-up and supporting the effective and rapid implementation of public and private sector investments. In addition, IFICO will provide analytical data informing the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the investments and support the enhanced cooperation between the European Commission, EU Member States, financial institutions (multilateral and national), bilateral donors and beneficiary economies.

    This contract will play a major role in supporting the WBIF stakeholders with regards to the implementation of the Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans, its policy priorities and the flagship projects annexed to the Plan. It will also help to achieve the IPA III investment priorities. Communication and visibility activities in collaboration with the members of WBIF and beneficiary economies will also represent an essential part of the contract, including the preparation of relevant communication and visibility products for summits and other high-level meetings.

    There are four main results to be achieved as follows:

  • Result 1: Well-functioning National Investment Committees (NIC) responsible for establishing and regularly updating the Single Project Pipeline (SPP) of priority infrastructure projects.
  • Result 2: Effective and efficient cooperation, communication and coordination amongst all WBIF stakeholders with the aim to contribute to the development and implementation of priority infrastructure projects in the Western Balkans in the following sectors: Digital, Energy, Environment, Social and Transport.
  • Result 3: Well-functioning monitoring and result-oriented reporting of EU private sector support provided under the WBIF umbrella.
  • Result 4: Strong WBIF visibility leading to greater public awareness of the EU and IFI assistance provided for priority infrastructure projects as well as for bilateral and regional private sector support in the Western Balkans.
  • Location:

    The operational base should be established in Brussels where Key experts shall be based. In addition, a local presence should be established in all the different Beneficiary economies in agreement with the Contracting Authority.

    This local presence shall, whatever the location (e.g. office, home-office, shared-space, etc.), be fully-equipped to carry their assignment and held and participate in hybrid meetings entailing videoconference participation. The costs for equipment, including hard- and software, shall be covered by the fee rates.

    Activities under the IFICO project will take place in Brussels, the Western Balkans, at headquarter locations of all IFIs involved in the WBIF as well as in the economies of bilateral donors.

    Commencement date of the project: 1 March 2022

    Duration of the assignment: 880 days / 48 months


    The WBIF Projects Manager, an expert in private sector development will be responsible for ensuring that the necessary assistance is available to beneficiaries for project identification and application as well as the development of the necessary terms of reference for the WBIF Secretariat to allow projects approved by the WBIF Strategic Board to be mobilised and monitored. He/she will have:

    Qualifications and skills

  • Academic background in economics, business administration or finance, engineering, or equivalent professional experience of a minimum of 5 years. Specialisation in the private sector development, including support to the business sector in Western Balkans and business climate development, will be an asset;
  • (these 5 years are in addition to the minimum 10 required under 'general professional experience')

  • Excellent knowledge of English.
  • General professional experience

  • Preferably 15 years of experience in the private sector development in Western Balkans, including support to the business sector and business climate development, design, assessment and implementation of operations with a minimum of 10 years required.
  • Specific professional experience

  • Preferably 5 years of experience with European Commission and IFIs procedures /requirements, but minimum 2 years or 2 projects required;
  • Preferably 5 years of experience in transition economies, but minimum 2 years or 2 projects. Experience in the IPA region, particularly the Western Balkans would be an advantage.
  • Key expert 4: WBIF Project Manager, expert in private sector development

    DAI, Belgium
    Project Manager
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