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Junior Data Science Engineer

De vacatureHere’s a selection of some projects where we’ve built software solutions for our customers:

  • AI-based biometric signature verification for a mobile payment platform
  • Automatic sorting of onions based on computer vision and AI
  • Predictive modelling of prices and probability of winning second-hand cars in an online auction using AI
  • Predictive modelling of failures in production processes using AI
  • Vision-based detection of assembly mistakes in aluminum profiles
  • Optimizing and controlling in real-time the use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants based on predictions of the evolution of electricity prices to help maintain the balance on the electric grid
  • Detecting anomalies in a variety of industrial processes: chemical processes, assembly lines, combined heat and power (CHP) plants, paper machines,... using unsupervised AI algorithms

Functie eisenYou tick the following boxes:

  • Love to write crisp, robust, maintainable and clean code
  • Speak and write English or Dutch fluently
  • Experience with any of the following technologies is a big plus: Kafka, Elastic, Grafana, Linux command line scripting
  • Are looking for a job with a lot of variation: next to the theoretical-scientific side of the job, you also love to learn new technologies, software libraries and frameworks and want to apply them to solving real-world problems
  • A driver’s license type B is a plus, as is the flexibility to occasionally travel to our customers in Belgium and internationally.
  • Are fluent in Python and its data science stack (pandas/scikit-learn/jupyter/luigi ...)
  • Knowledge of and hands-on experience with data mining and machine learning is a must. Experience with optimization algorithms is a plus.
  • Have a Master or PhD in pure or applied Computer Science/informatics, mathematics or physics

Jouw belangrijkste taken1. Develop and apply predictive models to our customers' datasets.
3. Improve the algorithms for anomaly detection, signal monitoring and predictive modeling in our flagship product Yanomaly.
4. Interact with customers, presenting results and gathering feedback and requirements for the solution.
5. Gedeeltelijk vanuit huis
Over Yazzoom

Yazzoom is a high-tech software company based in Ghent, Belgium. We provide AI-based software and R&D services for improving the company processes of our customers. 

Next to projects where we build custom software solutions for our customers, we have created an innovative software product called Yanomaly: a scalable plug-in software tool for anomaly detection and predictive analytics on machine generated data. With our data science and software development team we are continually working on improving this software - both algorithmically and feature-wise. Yanomaly currently already monitors hundreds of industrial assets and we are rapidly expanding the install base of the product.

Our team consists of smart and motivated high-tech professionals with various backgrounds. For the past 9 years we have delivered innovative solutions with a large added value to our customers. We are now ready for an accelerated expansion and internationalization and are looking for new colleagues that want to grow together with us. 

  • Opgericht in 2011

Wat kan je?

  • Data
  • Master denkniveau
  • Junior werkniveau
  • Nederlands, Engels sprekend

Wat krijg je?

  • Inhouse
  • Glijdende werkuren
  • Lease auto
  • Tankkaart
  • Mobiel
  • Laptop
  • 13e maand
  • Pensioen
  • Netto onkostenvergoeding
  • Hospitalisatieverzekering

Wat doe je?

  • Minimaal een 38-urige werkweek
  • Samenwerken met 10-20 collega's
  • Je werkt samen metManagement, IT
  • Je werkt voornamelijk met

Junior Data Science Engineer

Yazzoom, Ghent
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Big Data
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