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IT Lead Clinical Development Analytics Solutions

IT Lead Clinical Development Analytics Solutions

Date: Nov 14, 2018

Location: Anderlecht, Brussels, BE

UCB is inspired by patients, driven by science and we have the shared desire to apply the latest scientific knowledge, to improve the life of people with severe diseases.

UCB has taken the bold decision to drastically reduce the drug development time to become best in class as measured by benchmarks. At UCB it is recognize that technology (AI, Advanced Analytics, wearable's/sensors, IoT; Natural Language Processing, smart machines) will be the key driver to make that ambition come true.

We in the IT Clinical Development team of UCB are looking to strengthen our analytical capabilities, to provide best-in-class technologies with the ambition to discover the most valuable information and make it avialble for benefit of our patients..

Therefore, we are seeking for a smart an talented expert, who is passionated to enables the creation of new insights by implementing innovative analytical technologies and who has the motivation to lead the implementation of analytical systems.

With your ambition to explore new analytical capabilities, you will closely interact with other experts and identify cutting-eged technologies and methods, which will innovate our drug development process.

Your curiosity is key to continuously explore the inside and outside world, seeking for innovative opportunities in technology and identify ways to translated opportrunities into valuable solutions.

The function requires the curiosity to continuously explore inside and outside world for innovative AI and analytical capabilities, and you are striving to translate this opportunities into valuable solutions

With your understanding of clinical trials and health data, you will act as partner for your colleagues in the Clinical Development team.

Your desire to motivate others by impactful communication and to absorb views of partners is key to collaborate in a global networking environment .

* By using predictive modelling and other advanced analytical methods you will create insights to optimize the the drug development activities
* You will identify and implement innovative analytical solutions, which will enable the exploration of health and clinical trial data;
* In collaboration with other experts you will design and lead the implementation of a analytical environments;
* You understand content and structure of health data and make it available for analysis;
* You will connect to colleagues in the Clinical Development team, in order to facilitate initiatives, or to identify and anticipate future technology opportunities and capabilities;
* During your communication with experts and leaders in UCB you will demonstrate the value associated with analytical techniques and solutions
* You will interact with various people in UCB to understand their aspiration


As a person you can recognize yourself in the followings statement:
* Curiosity is how you learn
* Collaboration in an open networked environment give you positive energy
* Constant changes is the only continuum you accept
* Your power is boosted by uncertainty and ambiguity
* Winning is why you play the game and
* You feel inspired by the diversity of people
* Sharing knowledge makes you happy
* Your motivation growth with the size of the challenge
* You have a pragmatic approach

Your expertise is built on
* University degree
* Experience in a technology or healthcare environment (academia or industry)
* Passion for Data Science and to develop analytical solution;
* Coding experience with tools like R, C/C++, Python or similar
* You can use analytical environments like Spotfire, Tableau to discover insights
* Experience in advanced analytics and data mining technologies
* Defining and participating in projects
* Proven influencing skills and happiness to sell your ideas
* The ability to translate complex facts into stories you tell non-experts
* Experience in the development and implementation of software solution
* Working in and international and multi-cultural environment
* Demonstrated curiosity to explore innovative technologies
* Fluent in English as this is the UCB's corporate language

Job Segment: Analytics, Clinic, Developer, Data Analyst, Data Mining, Healthcare, Management, Technology, Data

IT Lead Clinical Development Analytics Solutions

UCB, Anderlecht
Contract Type: 
Permanent contract
IT Consultant, Junior IT Engineer
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