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Investigation Developer

Working Environment.

Your mission, if you accept it, will be to solve highly complex issues for customers and partners. Your tools will be our top-of-the-line ticketing system, your company-issued computer, and most importantly your brain. You will be the last line of defense between clients and chaos. Communication with customers are strictly through emails (direct calls may happen once a year but don’t worry, you will be coached for that).

  • Programming Languages: Python, SQL, JavaScript
  • Database: PostgreSQL (with object relational mapping)
  • Collaboration platform: GitHub
  • Development model: Open with external community
  • Framework:  Odoo itself is
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    Personal Evolution

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    Customer Relationship

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    Focus on Quality

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  • Identify problems, analyze them, make ‘em disappear

  • If you can’t solve it, another team may, dispatch it to the correct one

  • Provide quick and accurate feedback to customers

  • Develop or improve internal tools to make the job easier

  • Maintain and evolve your solutions as needed

  • Must Have

  • Expert in at least one programming language
  • Object-oriented programming, object modeling and relational databases
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Diplomacy & communication
  • Fluent in English
  • Nice to Have

  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent (we value skills more than a piece of paper)
  • Python, SQL, JavaScript
  • Unix-Linux platform
  • Experience in IT and/or IT support
  • Any other language
  • What's great in the job?

  • Diversity is the motto of the Technical Support. You will work on various and unique issues in all the modules of Odoo, across multiple version of our software, in contact with all the other Developer and Functional Support teams. You. Will. Never. Get. Bored.
  • You will be autonomous, nobody to look over your shoulder, but if you need help a colleague will always be available to answer your questions.
  • Every ticket is a challenge, every issue is a learning experience, and we have lots.
  • You get to see the direct impact of what you made.
  • You can switch to any developer team later.
  • The Odoo culture

    Building a company we love.

    Who is your manager?

    Being a team leader at Odoo.

    The founder’s story

    From 1 to 250 employees in 5 years.

    What we offer.

    Advanced Training

    Technical, functional and support
    training sessions (5 weeks)

    Compensation & Perks

    A full-time position
    with an attractive salary package.

    Open workspace

    Renovated farm in the countryside,
    no traffic jam, no city noises.

    Sponsored Events

    Afterwork, BBQ, several team buildings, LAN parties, etc...

    Flexible working hours

    come at as early as 7:30am,
    as late as 10:30am.

    Eat & Drink

    Fruit basket, coffee and soup
    provided all day.

    Best and Coolest team


    Investigation Developer

    Odoo, Ramillies
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