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Internship in internal audit ENGIE Brussels

Internship in internal audit ENGIE Brussels

Belgium, Brussels , Brussels-Capital Region

Finance / Tax / Insurance

Newcorp General Management and Support Services

SUP00001760 Requisition #

The Corporate Internal Audit Service of ENGIE wishes to strengthen its relations with Belgian universities and thus offers to final-year management engineering students the opportunity to complete a placement within the company.

The placement will take place within the Internal Audit Service at the Headquarters in Brussels over a long period of time - preferably 6 months (3 months at least) - under the supervision of a placement tutor who is a senior representative of ENGIE HQ Internal Audit.


While completing your placement/traineeship, you will assist the internal audit teams at Headquarters in Brussels and Paris in organizing and undertaking field audits covering support and operational processes. You could be invited to take part in local audits within the Group Business Units by assisting the local audit teams directly on site.

By providing support to the audit teams at Headquarters, you will be contributing to the development of the overall internal audit function within ENGIE.

The aims of the placement cover the following aspects:
* integration within the HQ and "New Corporate" Internal Audit team of ENGIE
* familiarity with the ENGIE Group and its businesses
* a training course on governance and internal control principles
* the acquisition of methodological and practical knowledge of internal auditing techniques (e.g. internal control reference guide, design and implementation of control tests, interviews with management, analytical reviews)
* understanding of the audit cycle and the various stages of a mission and how an audit engagement is planned, including writing up recommendations for the management on the reliability of the internal control systems in place for major risks, as well as on the efficiency and improvement of the processes involved.

* you are interested in the control and audit functions (e.g. Big Four external audit firm, management/business control, financial analyst, etc.)
* you are fluent in French and English
* you process and analyse data using software and databases
* you are capable of managing a project, and have problem organising, analysing and solving skills
* you enjoy teamwork and show initiative
* you are a good communicator, primarily within a team
* this placement is open to candidates who have to complete an unpaid placement of 3 months minimum (ideally 6 months) as part of their degree course at a Belgian university
* start : first semester 2017 (school year 2016-2017)

Your HR contact person
Lindsey De Sutter + +3225186147

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Internship in internal audit ENGIE Brussels

ENGIE, Brussels
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