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Integration Engineer Thin Film Photodetectors

Integration Engineer Thin Film Photodetectors

What you will do

* You will develop new processes for thin-film devices with a focus on photodetectors. For this, you collaborate closely with the responsible scientist or project leader.
* You work on integration of the developed thin film photodetectors on top of silicon read-outs. You develop new material integration schemes and techniques.
* Electrical characterization of device performance is also part of your job, as well as physical characterization of the deposited layers.
* You report your results regularly in a consistent and rigorous way.

What we do for you

Imec's Large Area Electronics department is developing electronics, in particular thin-film electronics, on flexible plastic substrates for integration into tomorrow's flexible displays, imagers and biomedical applications. In exchange for your talent, passion and expertise, you will join a multicultural and high-tech company, with challenges there for the taking. Our flexible, progressive and informal working environment offers you a range of possibilities to take initiative and show responsibility. This is your opportunity to contribute to the technology that will determine the society of tomorrow. imec supports and guides you in this process; not only with words but with concrete actions. Through, 'our corporate university', we are actively investing in the further development of all our employees to assure their technical and personal growth. Your valuable contribution and that of your colleagues make imec a top player in its field. Your energy and commitment are
therefore appreciated by means of an attractive and competitive salary with many fringe benefits.

Who you are

* You are a self-motivated engineer, who seizes opportunities and is enthused by new challenges.
* You have a master's degree or equivalent experience in Chemistry, Materials or nano-technology. You have experience with process equipment. You have good technical skills in wet coating techniques, in chemical/physical vapor depositions and in photolithography and patterning processes. Experience with processing in a high-tech laboratory environment, such as a semiconductor-industry fab, is a plus.
* You like working within a team and can schedule your work according to deadlines and deliverables. You are creative and like to think with the scientists to solve problems. You have good communication and reporting skills. Given the international character of imec a good knowledge of English is mandatory.
* Experience with material and/or device characterization is a strong plus. Experience with electrical measurements is a plus.
* You are flexible to accept new challenges in the future, and to evolve together with the changing R&D demands of our high-tech environment.

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Integration Engineer Thin Film Photodetectors

Imec, Kruibeke
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