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Head, Standardization Support Branch/Executive Officer, NSO

Head, Standardization Support Branch/Executive Officer, NSO-190104

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Standardization Support Branch
TITLE: Branch Head/NSO Executive Officer
Please note that the competition for this post will take place in Brussels and is provisionally scheduled for end April 2019
1. Post Context. The Branch Head (BH) Standardization Support Branch and NATO Standardization Office (NSO) Executive Officer (XO) is, under the authority of the Director NSO (DNSO), responsible for the administration, information flow, internal coordination of tasks assigned, financial and personnel management, information technology and security of the Office. He/she assists the DNSO and the Deputy Director NSO (DDNSO) in the efficient and effective management and operation of the NSO and supervises a Branch comprising the Business Applications Section, the Standards and Information Management Section and the Linguistic Section. He/she liaises with the International Military Staff (IMS) for all the support received by NSO.
2. Principal Duties.
As BH, he/she is responsible for:
* Planning, directing and supervising the work of the Branch;
* Efficient and effective running of the NSO Information and Knowledge Management Programme including the release of NATO Standards and supporting document to Partner Nations and non-NATO nations in coordination with national authorities and appropriate NATO Bodies;
* Development, implementation, operation and maintenance of the standardization business applications such as the NSO websites, the NATO Standardization Document Database (NSDD), NATOTerm, Working Group Forums, and the provision of advice on improvements and content to appropriate NATO and national bodies;
* Quality control of all Standardization Agreements (STANAGs) and Allied Publications (APs), in both official languages, submitted to the DNSO for promulgation;
* Assisting in the coordination of the establishment and maintenance of the NATO procedures for the development and production of NATO standards;
* Coordination of the annual schedule for NSO supported Committee, Board, Working Groups and Panel meeting cycles and the arrangement of appropriate services, administrative and interpretation support;
As NSO XO, he/she supports, in collaboration with the Military Assistant, the DDNSO and the DNSO, the coordination and supervision of the activities of the various NSO Branches. In this function, he/she is responsible for:
* Screening all incoming correspondence, documents and messages and distributing as appropriate for information;
* Inviting the attention of the DNSO and DDNSO to items requiring NSO action, or otherwise of their interest and in consultation with them, assigning responsibility for action as appropriate;
* Monitoring the progress and timely completion of all work/projects within the NSO;
* Ensuring that all correspondence to the International Staff (IS) and IMS conform to the correct staff procedures and format;
* Attending meetings and conferences related to his/her administrative and management duties and maintaining a strong communication and coordination network with the Executive Coordinator, IMS and other IMS Executive Officers (XOs), the IS and other NATO entities as required;
* Establishing and maintaining NSO's administrative procedures and overall efficiency of the Office's administration and administrative support;
* Ensuring that the overall personnel management with the NSO is conducted in accordance with IMS procedures and applicable to NATO policies, through IMS HR;
* Advising on training and career development for staff in the NSO;
As Fund Manager (FM), he/she is responsible for:
* Managing within the limits of authority delegated to him/her by the IMS Financial Controller, all NSO budgetary and financial functions in accordance with the NATO Financial Regulations and the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations;
* Planning and preparing the annual NSO budget outlines under the authority of DNSO for approval;
* Preparing the NSO inputs for the Coordinated Resource Proposal (CRP), the NSO Annual Budget Estimates, periodical reviews and other budgetary documents as required in accordance with the guidelines of the Budget Committee (BC):
* Presenting and upholding NSO budgetary documents to the BC during BC meetings as required;
* Procurement, allocation, maintenance and replacement of equipment and supplies for NSO operations;
* Ensuring awareness, application and implementation of NATO Security Regulations by NSO personnel in accordance with IMS regulations;
* Acting as NSO representative to NATO Bodies and Committees such as IS, IMS, the Working Group of National Experts and reporting to Committees such as CS, Military Committee as appropriate;
* Replacing DDNSO is his/her absence.
3. Special Requirements and Additional Duties.
* Perform additional duties such as carrying out special projects as assigned by DNSO;
* Travel both within and outside of NATO boundaries and work irregular hours whenever necessary;
* Perform duties in the NATO HQ Crisis Management Organisation.
4. Essential Qualifications.
* A minimum of five years' relevant experience with a focus on one, preferably more of the following: policy, administration, operations management, or financial management gained at a senior staff or leadership function in a national and/or international defence organisation;
* Some experience in Information and Knowledge Management or in the related fields of Information Management (IM) or Knowledge Management (KM);
* A high standard of concise written and oral communication skills;
* Knowledge of the Alliance's political and military consultative process and the key defence and security policy issues on the NATO agenda;
* Good personal qualities including leadership and good managerial and organisational skills;
* The ability to manage financial operations.
Education/Training. The applicant must have a broad education at least to university Bachelor Degree or equivalent (at least level 64/65/66 in sub-categories 5/6/7 of ISCED levels).
Languages. The applicant must have a very good command of spoken and written English and a working knowledge of spoken and written French. The working language in the NSO is English and therefore candidates will be required to pass a one-hour multiple choice computer-based test in English at the required level as well as to demonstrate their abilities in the written test and interview.
5. Desirable Qualifications.
* Programme and project management expertise;
* Experience with the NATO Standardization process;
* Knowledge of the NATO Defence Planning Process;
* Previous experience with IMS and IS IM portals and systems, in particular the IMS Tasker Tracker Enterprise and the Military Committee Interaction System;
* Knowledge of NATO Financial Regulations, rules and procedures;
* Broad knowledge of NATO Security Regulations.
* Have university level Master Degree (at least level 74/75/76 in sub-categories 6/7/8 of ISCED levels);
* Be a graduate of NATO Defense College
6. Personal Attributes.
* Dedication to the objectives of NATO Standardization, personal integrity and willingness to assume responsibility of meeting tasks;
* A sound administrative, financial and executive ability to work effectively with a range of hierarchical levels in an international environment;
* Good judgement and good negotiating skills and a high degree of tact, integrity and discretion;
* Judgement in the screening of requirements and proposal of financial priorities;
* Good communication skills;
* The applicant must demonstrate the following competencies:
+ Achievement: Creates own measures of excellence and improves performance;
+ Change Leadership: Personally leads change;
+ Conceptual Thinking: Clarifies complex data or situations;
+ Developing Others: Gives feedback to encourage long-term development;
+ Impact and Influence: Uses indirect influence;
+ Initiative: Plans and acts up to a year ahead;
+ Leadership: Positions self as the leader;
+ Organizational Awareness: Understands organizational climate and culture;
+ Self-Control: Manages stress effectively.
7. Managerial Responsibilities.
* Must have the ability to exercise personal authority and supervise other to work in harmonious cooperation in a demanding environment with people of different nationalities and opinions;
* Be responsible for the planning, coordination and direction of the Standardization Support Branch comprising three sections.
8. Professional Contacts.
* As BH, maintain staff level contact at Branch Head and Director level and as the NSO is NATO's focal point for standardization based at NATO HQ, liaison activity is diverse and some may be at a higher level with both military and civilian authorities.
* As XO, maintain staff level contacts at XO level both in the military and civilian structure of NATO, inside and outside of NATO HQ.
9. Contribution to the Objectives.
* As BH, the incumbent is responsible for one of the main objectives of the Office, the visibility and accessibility of all NATO standards to the maximum extent possible, thus contributing to the interoperability of NATO and partner nation's forces within the limitations of NATO's Information Management Policy and NATO's Security Regulations. Harmonising procedures for the development of NATO standardization documents also contributes to the objectives of the Office to ensure consistency of all NATO standards.
* As XO, and FM, achievement of all the Office's objectives depends substantially on adequate funding and sufficient personnel to support the work of the Branches, He/she is also responsible for overall timely and adequate general support for the efficient operation of NSO.

10. Remarks.
Security Clearance - NATO SECRET (if not currently held, the incumbent must be eligible for this level of clearance).
Work Environment - Normal office environment.
11. How to apply.
Applications must be submitted by 10 March 2019 (23:59 hrs Brussels time)using one of the following links, as applicable:

* For NATO civilian staff members only: please apply via the internal recruitment portal (for more information, please contact your local Civilian HR Manager);
* For all other applications:

12. Additional Information.
The successful applicant will be offered a three-year definite duration contract which may be renewed. If the successful candidate is seconded from a national administration, public institution or the armed forces of a NATO member state, he/she will be offered a three-year definite duration contract which may be renewed for a further period of up to three years. The maximum time of service in post for seconded staff is six years. Serving NATO international civilian personnel will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations.
Appointment will be subject to the deliverance of a NATO SECRET security clearance by the national authorities of the selected candidate and approval of the candidate's medical file by the NATO Medical Adviser.
A written test will be held as part of the selection procedure.
The NSO at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, is committed to providing equality in working opportunities regardless of sex, race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation.
The NSO is a non-smoking environment.

Head, Standardization Support Branch/Executive Officer, NSO

North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Brussels
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Temporary fixed-term contract
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