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Go-To-Market Manager (Customer Base) - Residential Marketing

Career Opportunities: Go-To-Market Manager (Customer Base) - Residential Marketing (46188)

Req Id 46188 - Posted 06/12/2018 - Telenet - Belgium - Mechelen - Functional Area (1) - Full Time / Part Time (1) - Job Level (1)
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The main responsibility of the Go-To-Market Manager (Connectivity retention & churn) is to develop and implement the Go-To-Market strategies and tactics, in close cooperation with all the teams involved. You will be responsible for retaining our connectivity Telenet customer base by developing and implementing the right retention strategies.

This involves:
* Developing new campaigns/special offers in close cooperation with the communication, product marketing and sales channels.
* Developing a Go-to-Market approach for the various products and how to present this to the market and our customers.
* Detecting, examining and assessing the marketing strategy of the competition (their special offers, promotions and communication) and aligning our own strategy with it.
* Analysing the results and efficiency of the Go-to-Market campaigns; reporting on this and formulating and implementing recommendations for the future.
* Leading a retention change programme designing the retention tactics of the future

* You have a Master's degree in applied economic science / business economics / MBA and a passion for marketing.
* Having experience in Go-To-Market marketing is a must (3 - 5 years).
* You have experience with integrated marketing campaigns
* You are a real team player who also gets results by his/her own efforts.
* You have an enterprising attitude (ownership).
* You have strong analytical skills, combined with a creative mindYou speak Dutch and English.

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Go-To-Market Manager (Customer Base) - Residential Marketing

Telenet, Mechelen
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