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Field Project Specialist - Mood Disorders

Field Project Specialist - Mood Disorders-1805666141W


The field project specialist will be responsible for the successful preparation and implementation of strategic customer oriented projects in mental health centers. The projects are defined by the local Country Value Team (CVT), and the work is done in close alignment and collaboration with other functions such as product specialists, medical science liaisons and brand management.

The role is field oriented and focused on enabling patient access for a new compound in different care settings/accounts. The role is not promotional in that it is focused on the care setting and patient pathway, rather than the product features.

Overall purpose of the position
* Be a key player in the implementation of the ''go to market model'' for this new launch product (launch product) in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
* Develop & implement high impact projects in priority accounts optimizing the treatment pathway for patients suffering from major depressive disorder
* Explore market opportunities and gather in-market feedback to finetune the launch strategy and tactical plans ensuring that the ''go to market model'' meets unmet customer demands
* Co-create and implement with clinical and non-clinical stakeholders from priority accounts value-added solutions catalyzing the market entry.

Main tasks
* Develop and implement together with the cross-functional team customer-specific, innovative and value-added initiatives
* Work as a critical member of the customer facing team ensuring excellent implementation of account specific projects optimizing the patient pathway
* Accountable for gathering and communicating insights from external stakeholders ensuring that the ''go to market model'' is fully aligned with the customers' needs
* Collaborate intensively with the core CVT and other field function, s.a. product specialists and medical science liaisons building a cross-functional account plan
* Contribute to the patient access activities facilitating patient access in the targeted accounts
* Creating access to key accounts creating the opportunity for our customer facing team to have a dialogue with stakeholders of these accounts
* Define and monitor the budget needed to implement customer-oriented solutions
* Leverage best practices to other accounts and manage different projects at the same time ensuring flawless execution

Expected abilities and behaviors
* Integrity and Credo-based actions
* Fast thinking and can-do mentality
* A high-energy level and entrepreneurial mindset
* Big picture orientation while able to focus on detailed execution
* Innovative and creative mindset challenging the status quo
* Collaboration and team work are priority number 1
* Sense of urgency
* Well balanced risk-taking
* Results and performance driven
* Strong Communicator
* Outward focus and likes field oriented work

* A minimum of 5 years in a customer-facing role in healthcare or life sciences
* Background in commerce and/or business development
* Experience in other sectors might be an advantage
* Experience in project management might be an advantage
* A minimum of a bachelor degree is required. An advanced degree in business or life sciences is preferred
* Experience in launching a new product in a new therapeutic area is an advantage
* Fluid Dutch (French) and English

Primary Location

Europe/Middle East/Africa-Belgium-Antwerp-Beerse


Janssen-Cilag Netherlands (8345)

Job Function


Field Project Specialist - Mood Disorders

Johnson & Johnson, Beerse
Contract Type: 
Permanent contract, Temporary fixed-term contract