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Ex-iMinds spin-off

Ex-iMinds spin-off
2015 Seaters Getting you live to sold-out events. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2015 Chesote Making messages matter by empowering users to shape the context in which their messages are unlocked. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2015 Citizenlab A civic engagement platform on which citizens co-create their city. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2015 Minze Bringing healthcare to the household. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2015 Prior-IT Aiming to save lives in emergency situations by using new digital technology. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2015 miDiagnostics Accurate and integrated diagnostic devices and data that enable faster and more efficient healthcare at any point of need.
2015 Zembro Development and commercialization of smart monitoring watch for senior people.
2015 sureCore Low-power memory IP.
2014 Solvice Simplifying complex planning solutions towards Planning-as-a-Service. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2014 UgenTec Universal Software for PCR Analysis. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2014 RedBeaver Media Developing custom web solutions from scratch. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2014 Tripodmaker Home 3D printing on a professional level. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2014 Waylay Bringing smart reasoning to the Internet of Things. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2014 Bloom Wearable devices and services for pregnancy monitoring.
2014 Luceda Photonics Software and services for photonics designers.
2013 Graphine BVBA Graphine delivers state of the art graphics middleware for the games and visualization industries. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2013 POSIUS POSIOS has created the ultimate hospitality cash register for iPad & iPhone. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2013 Blind Spot (eXia) eXia aims to be an independent R&D driven provider of capacitive blind spot sensors, with the ambition to render road transport safer and less damage prone, by avoiding blind spot incidents upon the introduction of innovative sensor technology. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2013 Permission Machine Permission Machine helps you and the photos author come to an agreement that is legal and fast. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2013 Sign2Pay Sign2Pay allows secure payments on mobile with your signature. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2013 Data Science Central The fastest and easiest way to learn R programming and data science. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2013 IQ Room An online application to evaluate candidates using psychometric assessments. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2013 Libaro Libaro is all about passionate forward-thinking web development. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2013 neoScores An OS and device independent web application that dynamically renders sheet music. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2013 Uxprobe Tracking the real user experiences of app users to help app developers improve their products. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2013 Intuo Bringing all people to a thriving state of mind at work. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2012 Track4C NV Track4C specialises in end-to-end container and cargo tracking, providing the hardware, software and service, to add security and transparency. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2012 Hellomydear Hellomydear helps you capture stories (your family's or company's history) and make it available online & in book. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2012 G-flux G-flux is a company located in Ghent specialized in creating smartphone applications for outdoor sports such as walking and cycling. The focus is on a combination of GPS-technology, game elements and sports or exercise. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2012 Octopin Octopin offers the best enterprise content marketing platform for managing your brand activities when communicating with images and videos on the web. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2012 Cluttr Allowing companies to manage their data centers more efficiently and with a smaller ecological footprint. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2012 Qualenica An innovative pharmaceutical company specializing in the production of medicines in pharmacies. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2012 Twikit Tweak and create through 3D printing. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2012 Favsync A simple collaboration platform for your organisation that provides easy access to your applications and organizing your bookmarks. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2012 Piesync The all-in-one platform for professional cloud services synchronization. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2012 TagTagCity A unique way for businesses to establish their mobile web presence and increase customer interaction. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2012 Atlas Neuroengineering Products and services for the brain research market.
2011 Camargus International Camargus is a start-up centered around multicamera and video stitching technology for the
broadcasting market. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2011 ONTOFORCE Ontoforce provides semantic search technology for pharmaceutical and biotech research. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2010 Bubobox / Videolab BVBA Bubobox helps you generate social buzz through user-generated media content. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2010 Limecraft Limecraft offers cutting-edge technology to optimize media production workflows and maximize distribution. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2010 TinkerTouch Converting personal messages into fascinating interactive stories. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2010 Ultra Pictura NV Ultra Pictura is an animation production house specialising in recreating painterly looks traditionally considered impossible to bring to life. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2010 Viloc BVBA Viloc is specialized in innovative solutions for asset management and object security, tailored to the construction industry. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2010 dINK d!NK empowers your sales to outperform. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2010 Candid-media BVBA (SDNsquare) SDNsquare guarantees performance, reliability and scalability for network, storage and data centers. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2010 Kidimedia Offering teachers a tool to develop engaging excercises for tablets. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2010 EpiGaN EpiGaN manufactures GaN-on-Si and GaN-on-SiC epitaxial wafer materialsand supplies these to integrated device manufacturers to create high performance power and RF devices.
2010 Caliopa Developing and marketing advanced silicon photonics based optical transceivers for the data and telecommunications markets. Since 2013 integrated in Hauwei
2010 MagCam Magnetic field camera measurement platform.
2009 Meshbone Meshbone addressed the challenge of providing wireless network coverage in large, hard-to-reach geographic areas. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2009 Streamovations Streamovations is thé software specialist to help you transferring your video images to the World Wide Web. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2009 Userplus UserPlus helps to make your site more userfriendly with Tools & Advice. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2009 Lumoza Printable electronics (electroluminiscent flexible panels). In collaboration with UHasselt. Liquidated in 2014
2009 Pepric Developing sensitive in-vivo molecular and functional imaging for pharmaceutical applications. Pepric's technology is based on direct imaging of magnetic labels.
2008 Geosparc Geosparc professionally supports Geomajas, the open source GIS application development software, coupling the innovation of open source with the reliability of a true enterprise-class platform. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2008 8Seconds 8Seconds optimizes your email marketing based on your customer's behavior. All in realtime. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2008 connects local culture, radio stations, venues, artists and music fans. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2007 Siruna (Mobixx) Siruna offers businesses, webdesigners, web-and softwaredevelopers a complete online service that allows them to easily develop mobile applications of websites on any kind of mobile device, without any knowledge of programming. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2007 M4S A fabless semiconductor company developing multi-mode, multi-band RF devices. Since 2011 integrated in Huawei
2006 KPIware ( Drobots empowers end customers and expert partners with a 'next generation' data analysis & reporting platform. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2006 Vodtec Vodtec developed innovative solutions for handling, archiving, managing, accessing and sharing of video content. Ex-iMinds spin-off
2006 Trinean Microfluidic optical lab-on-chip systems for the biotech and life sciences market. In collaboration with UGent. Acquired by Unchained Labs in 2017
2005 Essensium Developing microelectronic solutions for wireless sensor networks and system-on-chip/system-in-package technologies.
2004 Gemidis (+UGent) Microdisplays for high resolution projectors. In collaboration with UGent. Liquidated in 2008
2003 Magwel Simulation software for high-frequency electromagnetic behavior of integrated passives and interconnect structures.
2003 PowerEscape EDA tools for power-efficient design of digital data-intensive systems. Since 2006 integrated in ARM
2002 LoraNet Development and commercialization of network systems for broadband wireless communication. Incubation project stopped in 2003
2002 Vivactis Production of a micro calorimeter for the pharmaceutical sector. Liquidated in 2008
2001 Photovoltech Production of photovoltaics cells. Liquidated in 2012
2000 XenICs Developing and commercializing high-quality infrared image sensors.
2000 Septentrio Developing and commercializing satellite navigation systems (GPS Glonass).
1999 Fillfactory Commercializing CMOS image sensors. Since 2004 integrated in Cypress
1999 Q-Star Test Commercializing IDDX current monitors. In collaboration with KHBO
1999 3E Engineering office specialized in sustainable energy technology and concepts.
1998 OligoSense Production of sensors for an electronic nose based on electric conducting oligomers. In collaboration with University Antwerp. Liquidated in 2006
1998 AnSem Analog design services. In collaboration with KU Leuven
1996 ACUNIA Development of a telematics platform. Since 2003 integrated in Punch International
1996 SmartPen-LCI Commercialisation of LCI-SMARTpen. Liquidated in 2002
1996 CoWare Hardware/software co-design. Since 2010 integrated in Synopsis
1996 Target Compiler Technologies Retargeteable code generation for design and programming of DSP processors. Since 2014 integrated in Synopsis
1996 Sirius Communications Satellite communication ICs based on spread spectrum and imec design technology. Since 2001 integrated in Agilent Technologies
1996 C-CAM Technologies Marketing and services for image sensors. Since 1998 integrated in Vector Technologies
1992 Destin Measuring of the reliability of electronic components and systems. In collaboration with LUC. Liquidated in 2000
1992 Alphabit Development of CAE software for the design of high-frequency and high-speed electronics. Since 1996 integrated in Agilent Technologies
1992 Easics Design of VLSI ASICs. In collaboration with KU Leuven
1989 Frontier Design Development of CAE designsoftware. Since 2001 integrated in Adelante Technologies and since 2003 in ARM
1989 Soltech Photovoltaic systems based on silk screen process technology.
1987 Cobrain Optical lithography, etching, and surface treatment. Since 1990 integrated in Matrix which is integrated in Axcelis Technologies in 2003
1986 UCB Electronics Lithographic resist materials and plasma. Since 1993 integrated in JSR Electronics

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Ex-iMinds spin-off

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