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Engineers radiochemistry (m/f)

Looking to the future, SCK•CEN's research focuses more and more on medical applications of radioactive radiation. The production and purification of new medical radioisotopes is central to this.

The radioisotopes are produced by irradiation of targets in our existing or future irradiation facilities. As an engineer in radiochemistry, you are in charge of the development and implementation of innovative chemical processes aimed at processing irradiated targets in order to produce purer medical radioisotopes. The whole process includes several steps, including solution, separation and precipitation. Coating techniques for target fabrication, such as electroplating, will also come under consideration.

More specifically, your job includes the following aspects:

  • prepare (including literature research), design and implement innovative chemical test and process facilities in collaboration with the design team;

  • prepare, organise, carry out and follow up chemical experiments (solution, separation, precipitation,...) related to the test, validation and optimisation of the processes and facilities involved;

  • define and further optimise the parameters for chemical processes based on literature research and the results of chemical experiments;

  • select and implement analysis techniques and procedures related to the follow-up of experiments and process parameters;

  • critically analyse, interpret and process the results in scientific reports and presentations;

  • working out procedures and authorisation dossiers in accordance with the applicable guidelines and standards in order to guarantee safety and quality throughout the process;

  • manage and coach laboratory technicians.

Required qualifications

  • Master’s degree in industrial sciences or engineering, in chemistry, chemical technology or related;

  • knowledge of separation chemistry or radiochemistry is an asset;

  • knowledge of quality systems and GLP/GMP is an asset;

  • experience in carrying out/supervising chemical experiments;

  • relevant professional experience is an added value;

  • enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and result-oriented personality;

  • team player with good communication skills to work in an international context within a multidisciplinary team;

  • sense of organisation and good writing skills;

  • willingness to work with radioactive materials in controlled areas;

  • safety is of paramount importance;

  • good knowledge of computer applications (MS Office, Visio,...);

  • fluent in English, knowledge of Dutch or willing to learn the language in the short term.


  • A challenging and varied job
  • Flexible working hours
  • Opportunities for self-development in an absorbing international research environment
  • Traffic jam free environment
  • Travel expenses


Should you have any questions, please contact Véronique Verbruggen, +32 (0)14 33 25 79.

Engineers radiochemistry (m/f)

Permanent contract
Chemical Engineer
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