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Engineering and drawings specialist

KONE (country) is part of KONE, one of the global leaders in the elevator and escalator industry. KONE has been ranked as one of the most innovative companies in the world. Every day, millions of people globally are using our elevators and escalators in an increasingly urbanizing environment. We want to offer the best People Flow experience to those using our equipment in residential and office buildings, hotels, public transportation sites, hospitals, shopping malls and many special buildings.

The Engineering & Drawing Specialist provides technical support to the sales team to develop, sell and successfully implement KONE products and service solutions that meet customer's needs. He/she takes ownership of the order handling process in terms of prospecting/tendering/defining specifications, details, traffic calculations, dimensions, CAD- and lay-out drawings and estimation of installation and delivery times and costs. He/she answers customer's technical questions and supports the Salesperson with technical issues. * Supports the Salesperson by analyzing customers' technical needs and develops proposals outlining how KONE's products and services can provide clear solutions to meet these needs. * Accountable for solution engineering * Ensure that the proposed solution fulfils the codes, regulations and safety requirements * Organize the order documentation and order confirmation * Manage the drawing and related documents * Make the material specifications for KONE and local material. Checks and updates the specification based on contract and variations.

* Holistic knowledge of products and delivery process, handling tension between sales and supply * Good technical understanding of product and service solutions that meet the customer expectations. * Understands and has knowledge of norms and requirements that are applicable for each project. * Takes safety aspects into account and selects environmentally sustainable solutions when possible. * Minimum of vocational degree in technical sciences * Fluent in Dutch, French & English

Engineering and drawings specialist

KONE, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
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CAD Designer, Industry