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Electricity engineer - 11261

We are looking for an electrical engineer for a big pharmaceutical company ! Don't hesitate to reach me :


Votre travail

Mission description:

In coordination with Engineering Office and Project Management, ensure correct design, construction, commissioning and qualification in full compliance with internal requirements and authorities' requirement of Electricity packages (networks, installation and pieces of equipment). Related to these packages, it includes :

- Being client representative for all activities

- Supporting the E.O in management of activities related to these packages

- Ensuring alignment between E.O and client Specification and Guidance

- Reviewing design and technical documentation

- Following-up construction & all testing / qualification activities falling under the package

- Facilitating handover process towards the end user


- Review tender documents for ITT process

- Detailed design studies review

- Walkdowns performed - Phase 1 

- Provisional acceptance - Phase 1 

- Walkdowns performed - Phase 2 

- Provisional acceptance - Phase 2 

- Final handover for Power distribution and ELV packages

Votre profil

Hard Skills

Demonstrates deep knowledge and expertise
in design and implementation of engineering projects.

Key capabilities include:

▪ Definition of
functional, technical and quality requirements.

▪ Realisation of
reviews of process studies, single line diagrams, layouts & calculation

▪ Review tender
packages and oversight contractor's performance.

▪ Integration of
operability and EHS requirements at all design steps.

▪ Preparation of
the project testing, commisioning and inspection requirements

▪ Assessment of
systems' legal conformity and quality conformity.

▪ On-site
verification of execution according to good practices

▪ Interface with
Site existing infrastructures and networks

Soft Skills

▪ Team working
& Communication / Autonomy / Contractors' management.

▪ Good project
integration experience: organisation, cost, time, schedule, contracting,
procurement, qualification, validation, technologies.

Proficiency Requirements

French / English

Electricity engineer - 11261

AUSY, Wavre
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