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Electrical/Electronic Engineer


Our top-notch radar systems open up completely new opportunities for remote sensing in fields such as automotive, security and human-machine interaction.

Join our R&D program to access all white-box IP, or license selected IP blocks. You can also rely on us to design a specific solution tailored to your specifications.

3 Unique solutions

Our R&D offering focuses on three different radar sensing solutions:

79GHz radar for automotive applications

Discover imec's pioneering work in the development of compact, low power, low cost and ultra-sensitive 79GHz and 140GHz radar systems and data fusion.
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140GHz radar modules

140GHz radar modules that are even more compact and highly sensitive that are suitable for smart homes, health monitoring and human-machine interaction applications.
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Sensor data fusion

Learn more about imec's data fusion solutions for diverse sensor types across a wide range of applications.
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Some examples of what we have done

Human-centric intuitive buildings
imec Magazine | June 2018
Ultra-small, economical and cheap radar made possible thanks to chip technology
imec Magazine | March 2018
Imec enables vehicles to work together, creating smoother and safer traffic flows
imec Magazine | March 2018
John Baekelmans on the Internet of Things
imec Magazine | January 2018

At imec bright people build a bright future.

You could be one of these builders. Whether you are an engineer or an operator, a consultant or PhD student, we need a versatile group of people to help us create positive change.
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Job opportunities

User Researcher in domein van Smart Cities

Wil je graag een positieve bijdrage leveren aan het stadsleven, en een brug slaan tussen burgers, de privésector, overheid en de academische wereld in Brussel, Antwerpen en andere Vlaamse steden? Als user researcher smart cities werk je mee aan het samen brengen van mens en innovatie om oplossingen…

Electrical/Electronic Engineer

As a Mask and Tape Out Engineer you will support designs that involve the most advanced technologies

Test Engineer Health Interoperbility

Are you passionate about health IT? Do you like test and develop tools that have a real impact in the everyday life of patients in Belgium and around the world? Would you love to work in a talented team located in Hasselt and close to home? Then you might be the test engineer we are looking for!

Projectcoördinator City of Things

De projectcoördinator City of Things Antwerp is verantwoordelijk van A tot Z voor het goede verloop en de kwalitatieve oplevering van een project.
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What can we do for you?

* With a proven track-record in mm-wave IC and antenna design in-house, we can help you develop your next-generation radar solution from design to prototyping and shorten your time-to market.
* Join our industrial affiliation program to access early research insights, giving you an advantage over your competition while allowing you to share the costs and risks of advanced research with other technology leaders.

Why work with us?

* We are a world-recognized center-of-excellence with an extensive IP portfolio in low-power chip design.
* Join our R&D program to access our broad industrial and academic network with close links with leading EDA and IP vendors and commercial foundries.

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Electrical/Electronic Engineer

Imec, Hasselt
Permanent contract
Electrical Engineer, Engineer