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Omschrijving van de vacature

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides assistance in more than 90 countries to populations in distress, to victims of natural or manmade disasters and to victims of armed conflicts, without discrimination and irrespective of origin, religion, creed or political affiliation.


The MSF Academy for Healthcare is an initiative that has been created with the aim to increase the quality of healthcare provided by our staff to the patients we assist in the missions. The Academy has a growing portfolio of projects addressing specific learning objectives of different categories of healthcare staff in MSF. All these projects are chosen in line with overall MSF operational and medical priorities.

A large focus is on MSF’s national staff, especially in the countries with the largest gaps in human resources for health (HRH) capacity. Presently, a lot of effort goes to nursing staff of MSF hospitals in Africa. More recently, the Out-patient care initiative has been implemented with pilot initiatives in the field. The Academy develops adapted curricula and invests a great deal in clinical mentorship in the wards. Presently the nursing training programme has projects in CAR, South Sudan and Sierra Leone and it is planned to be expanded to other countries in the coming years. We hope to install a much stronger learning culture within the MSF operations. Beyond MSF projects, the Academy connects also to health authorities to work on accreditation of its learning and punctual support to governmental programs.

Finally, in 2021 the MSF Academy has started to implement a project to improve the management of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in MSF-supported structures, and two longer term academic courses: a Post-Graduate Diploma in Infectious disease (PG DIP), and a two-year course for medical managers in the organisation. The portfolio of project of the MSF Academy is growing, and projects are increasing in scope and complexity, the workload of the overall team has increased, and we recognize the need to reinforce the capacity of the ‘global team’ of the Academy.

The Academy aims to maintain the same overall educational approach in all its projects: competency-based learning; as much as possible on-the-job training with the presence of strong tutors or clinical mentors; and seeking to achieve appropriate accreditation for all trainings, often in collaboration with partner teaching institutes.

The MSF Academy e-Learning Content Developer is responsible for giving support in the design, development, deployment and administration of e-learning solutions, always looking at providing creative and best quality services that meet MSF Academy learning needs.

Overall, the main tasks of the Global team can be divided in 5 categories:

- Leadership and Project initiation

- Project management of existing projects

- Administrative follow up and support of existing projects or the overall structure

- Technical expertise, guidance and support for the different programs (nursing, learning, curriculum development, mentorship, etc.).

- Accountability, monitoring and evaluation for the MSF Academy overall and initiatives individually

It was a choice to invest strongly in a technical team. Otherwise, as a relatively small team, all members agree to join in the all 3 first tasks.

Overall, the team of the Academy is small, and desires to maintain a participatory approach in which every member can contribute to the general strategy of the projects, while being available for specific tasks outside its expertise or profile to contribute to the projects.

e-Learning Content Developer

Artsen Zonder Grenzen, Brussels