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Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Belgium, Olen

Group R&D

Research & Development, Information Technology

Job description

As a Data Scientist at Umicore Group Research and Development you play a key role in translating the large amount of existing data into Smart Data and Smart Data into recommendations to the decision-makers. You are involved with different levels of the organization in order to identify, assess, execute and/or follow-up diverse data science projects and to communicate results and ideas. Furthermore, you should keep on top of latest data science trends by enlarging your internal and external network.

Main Responsibilities

* You collaborate with corporate, research and operational units of Umicore to understand their business needs and identify opportunities for data analytics.
* You initiate and guide new data analytics projects from conception to deployment, present the results and discuss your recommendations with different management levels and target groups while emphasizing the added value.
* You increase the awareness within the company about the industrial impact of data analytics.
* You make use of the existing data coming from structured or unstructured sources, like production data or text documents, to come up with innovative solutions in different business areas of Umicore.
* You work in interdisciplinary teams (data owner, IT specialists…) to gather and review the available data and - where appropriate - present proposals to enhance the data collection or complete it with information that is relevant for building analytic systems.
* You perform ad-hoc statistical analyses and communicate the outcome in a clear manner.
* You continue to explore new machine learning techniques in order to improve the reliability of the predictive models.
* You are responsible for the results, timing and budget of your projects.

Required Profile

* Master or PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics or equivalent qualification
* You have good applied statistical skills like statistical testing, distributions, regression, confidence etc.
* You are familiar with descriptive and predictive analytics algorithms such as decision trees, clustering, ranking, boosting, forecasting, neural networks…
* You have experience with programming languages such as Python or R.
* Proficiency in accessing data from various sources.
* Working experience as a data scientist in an industrial context and domain knowledge in fields related to Umicore activities are a plus.
* You are fluent in English, both written and orally. Knowledge of Dutch is an asset.

Data Scientist

Umicore, Olen
Permanent contract, Temporary fixed-term contract
Statistical Engineer, IT, IT Engineer, R&D, R&D Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer