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Data Engineer- Core Java

Job Role : DataEngineer

Everyfunctional area, in every industry, is on an AI Journey.The power of machine learning to dramaticallyimprove company key performance indicators is being proven every day. But,although we feel every large organisation is on an AI journey, the path tovalue is unclear.

There are threekey barriers to deploying AI and machine learning at scale:

·Buildingdata pipelines that feed both the development and deployment of machinelearning models

·Improvingconsistency, reducing effort and expanding the ability of data scientists toaddress the growing range of business problems from prediction to prescription

·Buildingout the necessary infrastructure to support 100s of machine learning models inproduction, including the necessary governance and compliance patterns

At Cognizant weare proud to be helping our clients on their journey to AI at scale.We’ve built practices that bring together thebest talent to address these key barriers, and have built unique capability tocomplement our people:

·OurAdaptive Data Foundation brings together our accelerators, partnerships andconsulting approach to help clients solve the increasing demands for data

·OurEvolutionary AI technology and patents is reducing the effort required todevelop deep learning and other sophisticated models.It’s particularly adept at addressingprescription problems, from marketing to next best action to supply chain

·Ourarchitecture frameworks help clients navigate technology choices throughout theAI process. As well as building capability in close collaboration with theleading cloud providers, we are working with startups that address the criticalengineering challenges that machine learning brings

Client demandhas meant that we are growing these practices at an unprecedented rate. We arelooking for people that can bring existing strengths in data engineering anddata science but we want to hire people that share our vision and want to growtheir own skills across the problem space.

Job description

Are you passionate about transforming and shaping leading organisations?Do you enjoy providing solutions to complex business problems for opportunitiesrequiring in depth knowledge of organisational objectives?Would you like to be part of the digital teamand a major contributor on large deals which will have a real impact on thecompany’s success?

Come and join our team in Belgium as a Data Engineer and be part of ourexciting growth.

We offer you an environment where everyone's opinion matters, ideas areopenly shared, where change is the norm and where you will work with some ofthe fastest moving, well recognised brands in the world.

Who are we?

The IMS is a Technology Practice within Cognizant’s AI & Analyticsorganisation.We support Cognizant engagementsacross all client industry verticals.

Our unique team engages with senior customer stakeholders, to translatestrategy and vision into digital journeys, across modern technology estates,specialising in data engagements.

What will you do?

We are looking for enthusiastic Data Engineers with 3-10 years ofexpertise in the Data Engineering space with eagerness to learn and deliverlarge complex Digital Transformation programmes across Belgium. As a DataEngineer you will have worked on Data Integration into Cloud Data Warehouses orData Lakes, programming, APIs, etc. in an Agile environment.Your key responsibilities will be:

·Identify and analyse user requirements

·Prioritize, assign and execute tasks throughoutthe software development life cycle

·Develop Java applications

·Write well-designed, efficient code

·Review, test and debug team members’ code

·Ensure our applications are secure andup-to-date

What experience are we looking for?

·Work experience as a Core Java Developer orsimilar role

·Experience designing, building and testing Javaapplications

·In-depth knowledge of popular Java frameworkslike JSF and Spring MVC

·Good time management skills

·Problem-solving abilities

Expertise or exposure to cloud will be good tohave else we will be enabling you with the required training

For top talent we offer a highly competitive salary and a number ofother benefits:

·Bonus programme

·Medical and dental care

·Life Insurance

·Childcare Vouchers

·Pension scheme

·Friendly work culture

·Excellent growth and advancement opportunities

Technical Skills

SNo Primary Skill Proficiency Level * Rqrd./Dsrd. 1Enterprise ArchitectPL1Required

Domain Skills

SNo Primary Skill Proficiency Level * Rqrd./Dsrd. 1NextGen IT StrategyNARequired2Digital Enablement&DeliveryNARequired3Digital Strategy&InnovationNARequired

* Proficiency Legends

Proficiency Level Generic Reference PL1The associate has basic awareness and comprehension of the skill and is in the process of acquiring this skill through various channels.PL2The associate possesses working knowledge of the skill, and can actively and independently apply this skill in engagements and projects.PL3The associate has comprehensive, in-depth and specialized knowledge of the skill. She / he has extensively demonstrated successful application of the skill in engagements or projects.PL4The associate can function as a subject matter expert for this skill. The associate is capable of analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing solutions using the skill.

Data Engineer- Core Java

Cognizant, Brussels
Data Engineer, Data Engineer, Engineer, Developer
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