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Continuous Improvement Engineer


  • Lead or facilitate the resolution of critical issues (Problem Solvings
  • Lead and support cross-departmental project teams to implement strategic OE projects, producing significant and measurable improvements and tangible financial results for the business.
  • Build Continuous Improvement (CI) capabilities within the organization training and coaching of Blue Belts, Green belts, and Black Belts.
  • Deliver Operational Excellence (OE)┬árelated training programs (5S, Blue Belt, or Green Belt trainings).
  • Continue to develop your OE Skills beyond your Black Belt competencies.
  • Deploy the CI Masterplan (Tiered accountability, 5S, Standard work, Visual Management, VSM, Training)
  • Continuously look for opportunities of improvement that will make the difference.
  • Continuously increase and diversify your OE, process, and business knowledge and understanding.
  • Profile:

    Continuous Improvement Engineer

    Biolife Plasma, Lessines
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