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Communication Coordinator - Telenet Business

Career Opportunities: Communication Coordinator - Telenet Business (45841)

Req Id 45841 - Posted 05/17/2018 - Telenet - Belgium - Mechelen - Functional Area (1) - Full Time / Part Time (1) - Job Level (1)
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The Communication Coordinator supports the Activation Communication Manager in the development of the engagement plan with as ultimate goal to make sure TB employees are informed about the TB strategy and are motivated to bring this strategy into practise in their day-to-day job. The engagement plan consists of activation, education, communication and celebration elements. Within the Telenet Business department, you report to the Activation Communication Manager.

Tasks include :
1. Creating a variety of relevant and inspiring content to fit the different stakeholders within the organisation (articles, newsletter, video, ... )
2. Graphical design of the deliverables required to support the internal campaign (posters, logo, cards ..)
3. Follow-up with external agencies that are assigned to deliver specific campaign elements on scope, timing & budget
4. Supporting the Engagement team in the execution of specific initiatives and campaigns, taking operational responsibility for those initiatives that have been assigned to you
5. Actively contribute new idea's for initiatives as an input to the Communication Manager

* Master's degree with minimum 2yrs professional experience (preferably within (internal) communication, marketing or advertising)
* Strong copywriting & graphical design skills
* Creative out-of-the-box thinker, always looking for innovative ways to bring a message to life
* Intruiged by employee engagement and company culture
* Solid communication skills
* Networker - you know how to build strong relationships and use these as an effective feedback mechanism to adjust your approach where needed
* Project management skills, you know how to set priorities and manage timings & budgets
* You like variety and are able to combine several projects perfectly in order to keep the "machine" running (hands-on mentality), you can work under tight deadlines
* You are a meticulous worker with attention to detail (proofreading texts etc.), but without losing track of "the bigger picture"
* You are empathic and able to see through the eyes of your audience without losing track of the business objectives
* You have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are not afraid to speak up or take initiative
* You are a teamplayer but know how to contribute your part independently

* Bilingual Dutch-French with very good command of English

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Communication Coordinator - Telenet Business

Telenet, Mechelen
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Permanent contract, Temporary fixed-term contract