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Client Lead Engineer

In a constantly changing world, we work together with our people, clients and communities to enable them to fulfill their potential to do great things. We believe that by bringing everyone together, we can solve problems using innovative technology that can create a world that is sustainable and secure. At NTT, we encourage you to remain continuously curious, as that is what keeps you fast, flexible and relevant. No two days will be the same but that is what will help you grow and realize your full potential. The power is in your hands to do great things. It’s time to lead the change, be the authentic you, to solve difficult challenges, to set the pace of change and to unleash your potential. Want to be a part of our team? Working at NTT The Client Lead Engineer is a local BE initiative to increase client satisfaction and intimacy, the function is a mix of different NTT roles (Technical lead/Proactive engineer/……) In essence, the Client Lead Engineers are technical experts in at least 1 domain and should become NTT’s trusted advisor towards the client. He/she is here to support internal technical teams and cross-functional teams. He/she does proactive health checks across the infrastructure, analyse reports, advise on improvements and assist in complex troubleshooting where required. Client Lead Engineers are not involved in the D2D incident management but provide guidance to the relevant teams and help where required. They work on assigned clients and work closely with the different team's specialists in order to cover all technical areas where they are not experts themselves. In this role, they rely on proactive engineers from different teams to provide data and reports for their health checks. The Client Lead Engineer shall assist on more complex cases but the case owner stays within the responsible teams. The Client Lead Engineer focuses on ensuring all lines of support for complex incidents, requests, events and/or problems assisted by a team of Service Delivery Support Engineers. He/she can assist other departments to ensure a smooth transition from Sales to Delivery. What will make you a good fit for the role? · Secondary School qualification · CCNP certification · MCSA qualification (advantage) · 6 – 8 years work experience · 4 years of relevant experience · Display a strong client service orientation · Strive to meet and exceed SLAs at all times · Ability to communicate well in English and Dutch/French · Good attention to detail

Client Lead Engineer

NTT Ltd., Machelen
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