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Application Manager

Application Manager-180107

Primary Location



Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe



Salary (Pay Basis)

: 5,365.00Euro (EUR) Monthly
Grade A.2


SHAPE is looking for an Application Manager to manage its Human Resource Data Services database applications. If you have deep knowledge and experience with modern generation structured database programming language and possess negotiating skills in dealing with senior staff of external agencies and with contractors, this post may be ideal for you.

General Background:

SHAPE, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, is the Headquarters of Allied Command Operations (ACO), one of the two major military commands of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). ACO safeguards an area extending from the northern tip of Norway to the eastern border of Turkey. This equates to nearly two million square kilometres of land, more than three million square kilometres of sea, and a population of about 320 million people.


Location: Casteau/Mons, 60 Km south of Brussels (Belgium)

Division: J1

Post Context/Post Summary

SHAPE is the Strategic Headquarters for Allied Command Operations. The Resources Directorate is responsible for: Human Resources, Logistics, Engineering, Medical and Urgent Capability Management functions; directing, monitoring and co-ordinating the implementation of Integrated Resource Management (IRM) activities and staff functions at all levels of command across ACO. The SHAPE J1 Human Resources Division is responsible to ensure a proper manpower and personnel policy and management across the ACO. HR Data Services Branch is responsible for provision and operation of Human Resource Data Services (HRDS) to the NCS and on behalf of IMS, Nations and other participating PEA, as directed in MC216/4 -AAP 16. HRDS Branch is also responsible for business change management and support for the ACO Mission Identification System (AMIS) and for providing support to SHAPE's Integrated Security and In-processing System (ISIPS), the Force Generation Management Tool (FGMT), the ACO Telephone Chart, and
ACT's Electronic Individual Training and Education (e-ITEP). Data Services Support Section is responsible for the management of operational HR Data Services, to support both PE and CE organisations within NCS, to IMS and Nations and for other participating PEAs, including application management, configuration management, data management and account administration. Incumbent is responsible for the management of HRDS database applications.

REPORTS TO: Section Head (HR Data Service Support) (A-4), OSC HDS 0010

Principal Duties

The incumbent's duties are:

a) Provides technical management oversight of HRDS Accounts Administrator/Trainer and Application Administrator.

b) Provides advice to the HRDS Board on support aspects of HRDS Systems and Databases including implementation, operation, data migration and problem correction.

c) Acts as centre of expertise for the technical management of current HRDS systems.

d) Provides inputs to the HR Data Systems Data Services Section for configuration management (CM) issues of current HR Data Services Systems.

e) Maintains and enforces agreed data standards and data management practices.

f) Provides advice and assistance including Help Desk services to HRDS systems' users.

g) Provides support for legacy systems until they can be replaced (or merged) with current and emerging HRDS systems.

h) Provides Data Import and Export services as well as routine and ad hoc publication of manpower reports.

i) Develops and maintains Reference Data, Templates, Business Rules and workflows.

j) Develops and maintains Analysis and report filters.

k) Maintains the contents of the Support Section Sharepoint sites.

l) Develops and maintains Help (Tips and Tricks) inputs to the HRDS User Community.

m) Investigates problems reports in liaison with appropriate NCIA and System Suppliers.

n) Initiates Configuration Change Proposals in response to problems and the need to develop new or improved functionalities.

o) Provides specialist advice on database issues to NCIA's Configuration Change process.

p) Maintains and tunes HRDS databases to ensure that they run efficiently and provide an acceptable level of service.

q) Liaises with NCIA for the back-up and recovery of data as required.

r) Assists in the development of new data fields, forms and reports as required.

s) Human Resources Data Services Working Group (HRDS WG) - Contributor.

Special Requirements and Additional Duties

The employee may be required to perform a similar range of duties elsewhere within the organisation at the same grade without there being any change to the contract.

The work is normally performed in a typical Office environment. Normal Working Conditions apply. The risk of injury is categorised as: No risk / risk might increase when deployed.

Essential Qualifications

The education/training qualifications listed below, both essential and desirable, must be in a computer science based discipline.

A. Professional/Experience

1) A minimum of 5 years experience in the past 8 years in the application of a modern generation structured database programming language (such as SQL or Oracle).

2) A minimum of 2 years experience in the past 5 years of HR database administration.

3) A minimum of 2 years experience in the past 5 years working in an HR functional/expertise area.

4) A minimum of 2 years experience in the past 5 years of Microsoft SQL Server database administration or application development using MS SQL Server 2012 or later.

5) A minimum of 2 years experience in the last 5 years in relational database management and/or design.

6) A minimum of 1 year experience in the last 5 years in a position within an international or national governmental organisation working with its manpower policy and procedures.

B. Education/Training

University Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar discipline, and 2 years function related experience, or a Higher Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 4 years post related experience.

C. Language

English - SLP 3333 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)

NOTE: The work both oral and written in this post and in this Headquarters as a whole is conducted mainly in English.

Desirable Qualifications

A. Professional/Experience

Specialisations: SQL programming skills.

Specific Experience:

1) At least 2 years experience in the last 3 years with application administration of ACO's current HRDS software suite, including APMS, or another Alocate Defence Suite implementation; and AMIS or another manageID implementation.

2) At least 2 years experience in the last 3 years as an MS SQL programmer/administrator with MS SQL 2012 R2.

3) At least 1 year experience in the last 3 years using BMC Remedy^tm trouble ticketing system or equivalent centralized system.

4) At least 1 year experience in the past 5 years with design and support of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or later sites.

5) At last 1 year experience in the last 3 years in a position that required use of NATO's Manpower Policy and Procedures, MC 216/4 (AAP-16D).

6) Experience in formal Configuration Management methodology as applied to large database projects.

B. Education/Training

1) University Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar discipline, and 5 years function related experience, or a Higher Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 10 years post related experience.

2) Masters Degree or equivalent and 4 years post related experience.

3) Member of recognised professional society (IT/ADP).

C. Language

English - SLP 4444 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)


The incumbent will need to exhibit negotiating skills in dealing with senior staff of external agencies and with contractors. The highest possible levels of tact will be required in the course of persuading Headquarters and Agencies to change long entrenched traditional methods of manpower and personnel management. Above all, the incumbent will have to exhibit team player and team management skills, and be able to delegate.

The incumbent will routinely interface with the following:

(a) Users at all professional levels, providing advice and guidance and information and decision briefings to include the User Representatives of the NCSs, IMS, Nations and other participating PEAs/organisations.

(b) With system contractors at managerial and engineer level concerning the contractual support to the system throughout its lifetime.

(c) Host Nation project managers and associated project officers.

(d) NATO technical staff providing life-cycle support to the system(s).

(e) The respective NATO manpower and funding committees and authorities.

The incumbent will be responsible for HRDS software systems vital to the effective development and management of NATO's organizational structures and essential to efficient provision of Nations' personnel.

In managing the user aspects of system implementation, the incumbent will ensure that the system is implemented and operated in accordance within schedule and budget whilst continuing to meet all user requirements and technical specifications. Where these objectives are challenged, the incumbent must be able to advise on and introduce where necessary revised methods and plans to achieve the obligations of the organisations participating in the system. Failure to achieve success will imply a severe risk of loss of control over NATO's military manpower assets and could severely prejudice the PEAs' ability to obtain sufficient manpower from the nations to meet the operational requirements. Accomplishment will enable NATO to achieve a significantly enhanced level of control in the generation of establishments. Furthermore, it will create the availability of real-time management information for the use of the PEAs and other organisations in the accomplishments of
their military objectives.

This post reports to OSC HDS 0010 - Section Head (HR Data Services Service Support).

There are first line reporting responsibilities for the following numbers of staff: 1 x OR-6; 1 x B-5.


Selected candidate should be eligible for obtaining a NATO Secret security clearance certificate.


Duration of contract: Serving staff members will be offered a contract according to the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations (NCPR). Newly recruited staff will be offered a definite duration contract of three years normally followed by an indefinite duration contract.


Applications are to be submitted using NATO Talent Acquisition Platform (NTAP) ( Applications submitted by other means (e.g. mail, e-mail, fax, etc) are not accepted.

NTAP allows adding attachments. A copy of the qualification(s)/certificate(s) covering the highest level of education required by this vacancy announcement must be attached. Applications without copy of the required level of education will be disqualified.

Essential information must be included in the application form. Particular attention should be given to Education and Experience section of the application form. Each question should be answered completely. Expressions such as "please see attached CV, please see annex / enclosed document" or invitations to follow links to personal webpages are not acceptable and will be disregarded. All answers should be in English (preferably) or in French.

Shortlisted candidates will be requested to provide original documentary evidence and a set of copies supporting statements in their application.

Current and past civilians working for NATO or any Coordinated Organization, shall indicate their last grade and step held (next to job title), and specify the name of employing Organization.


A) Only nationals from the 29 NATO member states can apply for vacancies at SHAPE.

B) Applications are automatically acknowledged within one working day after submission. In the absence of an acknowledgement please make sure the submission process is completed, or, re-submit the application.

C) Qualified redundant staff of the same grade interested in this post should inform this office, via their HR/Personnel Office by not later than vacancy's closing date.

D) Candidates' individual telephone, e-mail or telefax enquiries cannot be dealt with. All candidates will be informed about the outcome of their application.

Application Manager

North Atlantic Treaty Organization,
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Permanent contract, Temporary fixed-term contract
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Interim Manager
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