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Alibaba Globalization Office Public Service Platform eWTP-Belgium

Job Description
Job Title: Alibaba -Globalization Office – Public Service Platform Manager
Location: Belgium, Brussels

About eWTP and Public Service Platform:
Public Service Platform is part of the Alibaba Group Globalization Office, and it is primarily responsible for the development, promotion and operation of the core business practice of eWTP (electronic World Trade Platform), via the public service platform, for the various digital free trade zones in both domestic and international markets

Public Service platform (PSP) is an important digital infrastructure for cross-border trade. It integrates government services such as customs clearance, foreign exchange settlement, tax refund etc. PSP provides the capabilities that serves SMEs for cross-border trading, such as the transaction, financial, payment, logistics reconciliation. PSP provides the solutions for key stakeholders in cross-border trades, such as government regulators, various Alibaba e-commerce platforms, third party e-commerce providers, major brand merchants, logistics and financial partners etc

Each country will establish an independent public service platform legal business entity that will be responsible for local operations, service, and product optimization.

Job Descriptions:
•Responsible for setting up the Public Services Platform legal entity in Belgium;
•Responsible for the deployment of the Belgian Public Service Platform, including the development and maintenance of relationships with key stakeholders such as the government, commercial customers and internal Alibaba businesses;
•Implement the overall development strategy of the Public Service Platform. Collect the requirements and policy information from local stakeholders in Belgium, and provide information and support for the optimization of the Belgian Public Service Platform.
•Responsible for developing solutions, through coordination between government and various business stakeholders during the platform development phases.


Job Requirements
Job Requirements
•Professional Experience: more than 8 years of work experience, operating and management experience in international trade, e-commerce, supply chain, logistics and other industries
•Excellent communication and orchestration skills
•Fluent in Chinese and English. Dutch / French language skill is preferred
•Have a global vision, respect for cultural diversity, integrity, enthusiastic and willingness to accept challenges when working on long-term projects.
•Open to frequent travel


Alibaba Globalization Office Public Service Platform eWTP-Belgium, Brussels