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ADNEOM is promoting evolution as a key element of the collaboration with you. Over the years, this vision has been refined and integrated to create our philosophy: Collaborative Performance. Collaborative performance is characterized by openness, transparency and shared objectives. It’s a solution-oriented approach. We aim to respect the ambitions of everyone involved: our clients, consultants and operations. Our corporate vision is built on a human foundation: a positive thinking mindset. Thanks to creativity, talent development and our expertise, we bring our added valued and results that matter to your project. ADNEOM is an International Consulting Company specialized in Business, IT and Engineering services. Driven by a sense of quality in the services, we provide a constant willingness to progress and an innovative way of thinking. With offices in Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Ghent, Lyon, Geneva and Amsterdam, every day we are proud to work with more than 1600 positive thinkers.

Industrial Automation, IT, Management Consulting


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