Supply chain engineer jobs

A supply chain engineer is responsible for optimizing the production chain of any product. This includes all the different processes that go into making a product, right from procuring the raw materials to the delivery of finished products to customers.

Some of the important duties and responsibilities of a supply chain engineer are:

  • Plan the supply chain strategy and take an active role in its implementation as well.
  • Collaborate with different teams such as sales, customer service, and operations to take in their inputs and design a supply chain strategy accordingly.
  • Determine the Key Performance Indicators of the different supply chain processes, and make sure to stay on top of the performance of each.
  • Suggest appropriate solutions that are necessary to improve the performance and efficiency of different processes.
  • Identify the problems and troubleshoot them at the earliest to ensure that there are no interruptions to the supply chain and the eventual production of goods.
  • Document every step of the process including the KPIs for each process. This is necessary for compliance with different standards
  • Train others and evaluate their performance
  • Work with other teams to identify vendors and collaborate with vendors to get more information and feedback about the product, so the necessary changes can be made to it.

To become a supply chain engineer, you need a Bachelor's degree in supply chain engineering or management and in-depth knowledge in supply chain practices.  Problem solving and communication skills are other essentials.