Sales Engineer Jobs

Sales engineers sell technologically advanced products to businesses or individual customers, as the case may be.

This means the sales engineer has to be aware of all the technological aspects of the product or service, besides a good sales pitch and the ability to communicate well. They should also know about the technical processes that go into making these products.

Sales engineers are expected to work well under stressful conditions because their livelihood is often based on the commission, they get by selling these products and services, though some may even have a base salary besides the commission. Either way, they have strict targets that have to be achieved, so this job is ideal for those who thrive under stress.

If you're planning to become a sales engineer, be ready to work at irregular hours because you'll have to go and meet the client at a time that is convenient for the latter. Also, you need top-notch communication skills to tell your clients about the product or service you're trying to sell.  

In terms of qualifications, you are expected to have a Bachelor's degree in technology, sales or any of the other related disciplines.  Much of the training will be on the job and you'll learn a ton as you gain experience. They key though is excellent communication skills and the right attitude, as you'll be meeting people from varying backgrounds. These jobs are expected to grow by 7% until 2026.