R&D Engineer Jobs

R&D engineers or research engineers, in short,  work in a multitude of industries, based on their expertise and knowledge.  These industries can range widely from pharmaceuticals to aerospace and everything in between.

Opportunities are abundant in every industry for these research engineers, and that's simply because every industry needs to constantly innovate and research engineers do it for them.

The general role of an R&D engineer is to collect data from existing products or processes, analyze them, do research and come up with ways and means to improve that product or process or even come up with new alternatives that are significantly better than the existing ones.

Though all this sounds exciting, being a research engineer is not easy at all because you need to do a lot of studying and should be an expert in your respective field. The minimum qualification for R&D engineers is a Master's degree though most of them end up having a doctorate degree in their respective area of work. Besides, some industries may expect a certification, especially if you have only a Master's Degree.

R&D engineers work in offices or labs, depending on the industry. And all of them use computers at some point in time to enter their data and for detailed analysis.

The projected growth varies widely from industry to industry, so it is difficult to give an exact number. Likewise, the salary also varies, but you can expect a good starting package if you have the right background and experience.