Procurement engineer jobs

Procurement engineers are responsible for overseeing the purchase of products required for industrial productions and other operations.

These engineers have very detailed and in-depth knowledge about the products that they procure, including complete technical details. Armed with this information, they help organizations to choose the best product for any industrial operation, so it provides the best efficiency and maximum return on investment.

Some of the everyday duties and responsibilities of procurement engineers are:

  • They need to determine what products are needed for what industrial operations, and how soon they are needed. They also need to take into account many factors such as safety and efficiency.
  • After determining the needs, the procurement engineer has to interact with different suppliers to determine which supplier has the products that are best suited for the operation on hand. This could even entail visits to different vendors and sometimes, even travel to other cities.
  • Once the supplier is fixed, the next job is to negotiate the right price. This can be tricky and requires good communication and interpersonal skills. Moreover, the choice of the supplier as well as the rates have to be approved by the top management of the organization, especially if it is a large order. Contracts are written and given to suppliers accordingly.
  • Finally, you have to manage suppliers and ensure that the required products are delivered on time.

To become a procurement engineer, you need a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field and good communication and negotiation skills.