Mechanical engineer Jobs

Mechanical engineers are the experts in creating, running, troubleshooting and innovating different machines. Many mechanical engineer jobs are found in manufacturing or automotive industries, as these are where many machines are built and used. There are limited opportunities in other areas too.

Some of the duties of a mechanical engineer include,

  • Analyze problems to understand how a mechanical device can be used to resolve it.
  • Design mechanical or even electrical systems
  • Troubleshoot problems in existing machines, and suggesting the necessary actions. If the issue is small, the engineer can troubleshoot it right away. But if the issue is at a big scale, it is essential to get prior approval from the management.
  • Develop prototypes and the actual systems
  • Test the systems for performance and to identify any faults.
  • Oversee the manufacturing process for the system

To become a mechanical engineer, you need a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. Most often, this degree includes many in-depth courses in science and math as well. Besides a degree, some organizations also expect their mechanical engineers to have additional certifications and licenses from reputed organizations. Work experience is an added advantage.

Job opportunities for mechanical engineers are expected to grow by about 9% from 2016 to 2025, according to some labor studies. The average income varied much among the industries in which they were employed. Jobs in robotics and scientific research areas paid more than jobs in industries such as machinery manufacturing.